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Lane has been adopted.


Update: Lane and Lorelie have an amazing bond. They bring out the best in each other and where one maybe shy, the other steps in and helps. They’re never far from each other. They would be great adopted together or to separate homes.

Lane is a serious girl who loves to explore. She paces around the house looking for things to do. She likes to play with toys and carry small items around. She is slowly coming around to being petted and picked up. She goes very stiff at first, eyes wide but when you speak calmly to her and pet her, her eyes soften and her body relaxes into a cuddle. It’s simply a matter of her learning to trust.

House training is coming along really well. As long as you take her out regularly, she will do her business outside. She’s quiet and curious in her surroundings. It takes her a bit to warm up to other dogs, mainly males. But we’re working on her manners. It’s not bad, but she is fairly dominant and is ready to show the boys, she’s the boss.

She is crated at night and settles in with no issues. She makes it through the night with no accidents too. She will remain in rehab for the next week and then hopefully we can get her set for adoption (first weekend in August). Adopters will need to understand her background as a mill dog and will need patience and understand is she learns to become a family member.

Original: Little Lane is a very sweet girl! She is very outgoing in wide open spaces, such as a large room with no barriers. She will often walk around and explore, as well as play with other dogs.

When crated, Lane is untrusting, fearful and can growl at other dogs. Generally, she is wide-eyed and takes in everything she sees around her.

Lane likes to collect things that she can carry and hide them in her crate. She’s quite comical when she is comfortable with her surroundings.
She is learning to walk on a leash and has playful moments where she will run and jump!

While at this time, she doesn’t enjoy being picked up just yet and will run back to her crate when something startles her, she is still doing quite amazing!

After day one in foster care, she has gone from hiding in her crate, to exploring the room and following her foster mama around the house.

For more information on Lane, please contact her foster mom Colleen, at

Colleen has promised to update often as Lane’s personality will likely blossom quite a bit over the next week or two.

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!