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Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been adopted.  


Many of you may have noticed that Potter has been in the rescue but not up for adoption as he was unwell. We are all so glad that this little fighter is now well enough to start the journey to his forever family. Click here to see a video of Potter in action!

Shortly after Potter arrived into rescue he became very ill with a serious disease. Neither our wonderful vets nor our rescue was willing to give up on Potter and with the best care and vets who truly went the extra mile Potter has not only survived but thrived.

At this time, our vet feels that Potter has made a remarkable recovery and he could go on to live a normal life without complications. However, there is a chance due to the nature of the disease he had that he may have some issues down the road which could present as a variety of neurological issues – many of which are not much different than what can happen in any aging dog.

There is no way of knowing if any of these issues will or will not happen but one thing we know for sure is that presently Potter is a very happy, healthy, and active puppy.

Due to the fact that his return to good health is still so new we would be looking to place Potter in a foster-to-adopt homes for three months while he continues to see the Veterinarian who has so lovingly overseen his care.

For this reason we are looking for a family who are able to take him his vet who is located in Kitchener during the three month period (and hopefully after his adoption is finalized).

During this three month period the rescue would remain responsible for Potter’s health care expenses. We are happy to provide further information on Potter’s health history to serious applicants.

A few words from Potters foster mom: Potter is about 12lbs now and 4-6months old. No idea what kind of dog he is. So beautiful but really a different look to him. He is white and brindle with a short coat that is starting to get the nicest little waves to it on his back.

Potter is an absolute lovebug. He really enjoys meeting people and other dogs. He likes everybody! He also loves the family cat. She does not feel the same about him. Potter has all the normal energy of a young pup. He requires somebody that is going to help him direct that energy in a positive way.

He likes going out for walks and does quite well on a leash. In the yard he stays close by and wants to be part of whatever you are doing. For playtime he likes to chase a ball or have a gentle wresting match. He is up for anything really as long as it means being around his people.

He is crate trained and would like a home where they would continue to allow him crate time. He sleeps in it every night and will go in the crate when he is tired or bored or scared. He is not housetrained yet. He is using pee pads quite well.

We know he would like to be housetrained because he would be most happy to please his people. He is a smart little dog and can pick up things quickly. We have been working on “sit” and he likes that game, especially when it ends with him getting a treat.

The perfect home for Potter would be somebody who has experience with training a puppy or willing to take him to obedience school so you could learn together. He would love to have another dog in the house but it would have to be a very tolerant and patient dog since Potter does not understand how other dogs don’t want to play with him continuously.

The home should have somebody who enjoys getting outside and walking or doing outdoor activities as well. I don’t feel that he is a match for small children at this point because he has not had enough training to learn manners. He jumps up and can scratch and is still in the mouthing stage when playing.

For more information on Harry Potter, please contact his foster mom Angie, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while.

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