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Esra has been adopted!

Esra is sponsored by Roz B., in honour of LeeAnn Jensen’s birthday


Esra, or as called by his foster home Ezzy, is settling in nicely after his long trip to Canada. He was a little shy and reserved upon arriving; however, he is very calm and meets new people nicely with tail wags and sniffs.

His life prior to rescue by Save Me seems to have been a little rough. He is under weight, is missing hair on his back all along his spine and is a little nervous around new noises he has not heard before (pool pump, dishwasher running, toilet flushing etc.). When he is startled or scared he will whimper softly looking for reassurance.

He is quiet in the home and loves to hang out beside his people on the couch or nap in his dog bed. His energy level in the house is low; however, once he steps outside, he has a little jump in his step and his energy increase. He seems to love the outdoors and walks excellent on a leash. He would love a home that had a small backyard for him to hang out in and soak up the sun!

He gets along with other dogs; and is avoiding the Queen cat in his foster home. He has been exposed to children over 10 and gets along fine with them.

He seems to be house trained as he has not had any accidents in the house. He sleeps through the night on his doggie bed. He does spend time in the crate when his foster family goes out for periods of time. After he gobbles up his few yummy treats, he lays down and goes to sleep.

Ezzy seems to be a dog that goes with the flow. He is happy, calm and quiet and would be a great companion for anyone!