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Duke has been adopted.


​You may have seen four of our new arrivals popping into your feeds lately, but did you know they were siblings? It’s true! While Missy, Muffin and Ladybug are truly blood-related family, Duke our handsome chocolate lab also grew up with them and considers himself their brother.

Sadly, our group of four recently experienced a tragedy in their lives when their owner passed away at they ended up at one of our most trusted pounds, the Brown County Shelter. Luckily for them, the volunteers at Brown County knew that they would once again make wonderful family pets and decided to embark on a mission to find them all forever homes in Canada.

Said the volunteer, “As a dog owner, I can’t imagine my dogs having to go through this. As a foster parent, I realize how rewarding it is to help dogs in need!” While it has been much too difficult to find a foster home within Save Me Rescue to foster all four of these siblings, we are happy to say that they have each landed themselves their own foster home and are safe, sound and looking towards the future.

And what a future it will be! With attributes such as Dukes, we know that he has the world to offer a new family and we are so excited to help him on his path. Calm, gentle and friendly; Duke is a your typical Labrador through and through. Says his foster mom Mandy, “He simply wants to be pals with everyone he meets!”

Having been very loved in his past home, Duke is very familiar with and walks extremely well on a leash. Like a Good Boy, he prefers to stay close on and off leash walks at High Park. Though he absolutely loves to curl up and snuggle his humans, a nice leisurely walk in the park is also one of his favorite activities. He also loves to play when the toys come out!

Having grown up with four canine siblings, Duke gets along swimmingly with other dogs and absolutely adores his kids. He is very happy to see children of all ages, just as he is adults, and is very kind and cautious around them. He has been a dream with Mandy’s 1 year old, and would benefit from a home with a family of all ages who is willing to dote on and love him.

While we aren’t certain at this time how Duke is around cats, what we can only assume given his personality is that he would be just awesome. Says Mandy, “he’s so easy going I’d be surprised if he chased them at all!” Duke is totally the type to just go with the flow and is most happy when his humans are around. That said, he can be independent too, choosing a comfy bed by the window to watch the world go by, in times where his family may not be present.

Having years of experience at being an amazing dude altogether, Duke is also house-trained, has a great attention span and excellent hearing. That said, he can be a little unsure getting in and out of cars and wont go up steep stairs but if that’s really the worse thing we can say about him than we consider ourselves and his future family extremely lucky to have him around.

At 9 years old, we are looking for a home wherein Duke can retire. Still with a spring in his step, Duke’s heart and lungs have been examined and all bloodwork came back great! Volunteers at Brown County were able to check his ears, paws, teeth and tail without issue and from what we hear, everyone loved him there as we love him at Save Me Rescue.

​Carol, the shelter volunteer told us, “​I walked Duke by outside dogs in the play area that were barking, jumping, etc. and our boy had no reaction to them. He just walked right passed them! He’s a great boy, he’s been on my mind ever since I met him. He really is one of the most laid back dogs I met in quite some time. Nothing not to love there!”

If you would like to give Duke the chance at retirement that we know his previous owner would have loved to give him, then please apply within. For more information on Duke, please contact his foster mom Mandy, at You will be happy you did! (And we know so will Duke!)

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!



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