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Coco is in rehab – not accepting applications at this time

Coco has been sponsored by Erin and her fur kids


Look at Coco’s face and you will see a pair of big brown eyes that are full of hope and, at times, sadness. Coco is a 55 pound, 6.5 year old chocolate lab mix who is searching for her forever home.

Coco is very well-behaved, she is respectful of her foster home when she’s home alone and sleeps in her foster parents’ bed at night. She listens well, knows basic commands and loves to give hugs (by bringing her front paws up to give snuggles). Coco goes to the bathroom outside and is house-broken.

She is a medium-level active dog. She loves to be outside with her people – she does not like to go out alone. Coco is a great walker and is the best ball catcher around. She does pull a bit on the leash but we use a harness which seems to prevent her from pulling too hard. She loves exploring and currently has 2 walks per day. Once finished her walk, she is very happy to settle down and cuddle in the house.

The only times we’ve heard her bark is when she is outside alone and when someone comes to the door. She stops barking as soon as she greets the visitor.

Currently, Coco is not a fan of car rides and she gets very anxious. It could be because lately her experience with cars have led to heartbreak and lots of changes but we are continuing to take her out for short rides to help increase her comfort in cars.

Here is where things get tricky: Coco is diabetic and came to the rescue very ill. Thanks to our wonderful vet, her diabetes is now under control. She currently needs to have her blood tested twice a day followed by a dose of insulin, which she will likely need for the rest of her life. Coco sits perfectly and waits patiently for her needles, which are given on the inside of her lip. She makes it so easy for us and accepts it nicely, but it is not a fun thing to do.

Coco’s ideal home is a house with a securely fenced yard and nice neighborhood to go for walks. Because of her loud bark, apartments and townhouses would not be a good fit. She likes children but due to her medical needs, the children should be at least 8 years old so they can understand that her diabetes is something that needs to be monitored. Coco sometimes gets tired or wants to be alone if her sugar levels are off. She is a very respectful dog and requires a family who would be equally respectful of her.

Coco requires a fair amount of time and attention. She thrives on routine and would prefer to be with people as much as possible. Her insulin must be given every 12 hours and although her appetite is not great yet, she needs to eat prior to receiving insulin. She also needs to gain some weight. After 2 weeks of making chicken and rice or boiled hamburger, we have started to get her to eat canned dog food and are adding small amounts of kibble in it. Our goal is to eventually feed her only kibble.
** Adoptions within province of Ontario only