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Chloe is in rehab – not accepting applications

Sponsored by Glenn in loving memory of his sweet pup Eddy



Meet Miss Chloe, a super sweet southern belle, just recently arrived from Kentucky!  She’s a beautiful senior yellow lab with a frosted blonde face and lovely long legs.
Chloe has been resting and recovering from her time in the shelter and prior to that, as a stray, and is beginning to show more and more of her loving and spunky personality as she starts to feel better.  Chloe is a velcro dog, and wants to be as near to those she loves as possible, whether that’s following you around the house or hanging out on the couch with her head in your lap!
Chloe is fully house trained and has had no accidents since her arrival.  She would love a fenced yard so she can wander at her leisure and enjoy the sunshine.  Chloe is happy to nap while you’re away from the house and is not destructive when left alone.  She rarely barks.  A typical lab, Chloe is not a fussy eater and has a great appetite – she is currently enjoying three meals a day plus a few treats to help her slowly gain weight.
Chloe is wonderful on leash and enjoys going for short walks.  We are slowly building up her stamina – she is still quite thin and lost some muscle mass with her weight loss.   Chloe is now on Metacam, which has helped with soreness, but she is still a bit stiff.  She may not need to take this in the long term as she may feel better with an improved diet, exercise, fresh air and sunshine.  A home with few stairs would be preferable though.  At some point in her travels, Chloe unfortunately picked up two tick-borne diseases.  She tested positive for ehrlichia and a slight positive for anaplasmosis.  The treatment for these is a course of antibiotics which she is currently taking.  Chloe has been a wonderful patient and a pleasure to care for!
Chloe is a very friendly girl who loves everyone she meets – respectful kids, adults, dogs, cats, etc.  She is gentle and respectful with other dogs, both big and small, and would benefit from the company of another calm dog in the house.  She is starting to show her playful side with her foster dog siblings and has even tried to initiate play with the chihuahuas!  This beautiful girl is looking for a quiet forever home where she will be loved and cherished as she so deserves.   In exchange, she offers unconditional love and loyalty!
Chloe will be in rehab while we get her healthy again and bring her up to a healthier weight. Applications will not be accepted at this time but we are happy to respond to any inquiries about this lovely girl.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only