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Simply put, the best word to describe Chloe is “happy.” She is the kind of dog who greets every new situation with enthusiasm, love and wonder. Even when Chloe arrived to the shelter matted down to her skin, a condition that was very painful, she was still full of kisses and wiggles for the shelter staff.

Chloe is great with other dogs big and small and absolutely loves to play. She is also good with cats, however being the playful girl that she is her first instinct may be to try and engage a cat in play but she responds quickly to correction. She can be a very vocal girl, especially while playing so Chloe would do best in a home versus an apartment or condo living situation.

Our lovely girl is.. (drumroll please) also fully housebroken! Chloe is such a sweet natured girl, she would really flourish in any home. This being said, her ideal home would have a nice big yard for her run and play in, another dog or kids to play with and a big couch to cuddle on at night with her family. Chloe hasn’t let her rough past affect her outlook on life, but it is more than time for Chloe to find the home she truly deserves.

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