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Callum (formerly Brogan)

Save Me Rescue remembers Callum. 

It is with truly immeasurable sorrow that we share the news that Callum, formerly Brogan; a Save Me Rescue alum, has sadly passed. While it is always extremely difficult to put into words the grief we share when we lose a loved one, we choose to mourn alongside Callum’s family by reflecting on the easier times; and what was easier than loving him?

Callum was a bright, sweet boy who lit up whichever room he entered. Among his favourite activities, Callum loved to rough-house with his best canine friend, to run off leash; free as the wind and to doze off in the arms of his sweet mama in the comfort of their shared bed. To say that Emily has gone above and beyond for her pup would certainly be an understatement.

Although their time together was far too short, Callum has made such an impression on his mama’s heart and though we are incredibly sorry for her loss, we are so thankful that Callum was able to share so many amazing moments with such a wonderful, caring person. So here is to remembering Callum, the embodiment of a “Good Boy.”