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Buddy has been adopted!

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Meet Buddy. He is a 3yr old Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix, neutered male. He is about 10lbs but he is a bit skinny right now as he has not had much of an appetite since coming into our care. We have discovered that mostly he just isn’t a fan of dog food. He never passes when offered a dog treat or a piece of cheese. He can stand on his hind legs and beg for treats which almost irresistible. I have to keep reminding my kids that dog food is important for his health so we can’t keep rewarding him for this adorable trick.
Buddy is a very charming little guy. He has been doing fine with our cat and our dogs but he would prefer a home where he would be the centre of attention and affection. He gets really excited when other dogs bark and it usually leads to an argument between who can bark the most and the loudest.  He prefers a calm place where they can focus on him. He likes to play and LOVES to give kisses. He never passes up a chance to show you how pleased he is when someone holds him. He wants to sit by you and watch your every move and cuddle with you every chance to get.
He has been going out on walks and seems to enjoy them, although, again, he gets a bit nervous if we approach other dogs. Otherwise, he does fine with his harness, smelling the flowers and taking in the sites. Buddy is classified as a flight risk. If he gets startled, he will bolt and you won’t be able to catch him. You will need a solid fence with no area for him to escape and it would be best if you just stayed outside with him. He really does not like to be alone. We leave him alone in a bedroom when we go to work and he has done great for up to five hours. He gets anxious at first but does settle down after a bit. He is always sleeping on the bed when we arrive back home.
He has had no problem in our home as far as being housetrained. We let him out regularly and take him for a few shorts walks each day so he can do his business.
Buddy came with a crate and we leave it out for him but we don’t close the door. Sometimes he will go in there and lie down. I am pretty sure he prefers to sleep in the bed with us though. As he gets more comfortable around us he has started to bark more when he hears people come to the door or sees a squirrel running across our backyard. Typical terrier quality. He loves to chase the birds and squirrels from our backyard and makes sure they know who the boss is. Because of his increased barking, Buddy would not do well in an apartment.
Although Buddy enjoys the cars rides he sometimes gets car sick. He has taken Children’s Gravol in the past for this with good results. When we took him for a few short car rides we put him in his crate. He seemed comfortable there and did not need Gravol.
Do you have a home where Buddy can to learn to build his confidence, and get the love he wants so badly? If you have no small children (should be at least 12yrs of age), no other pets and want a dog that will look at you adoringly as he lays on your lap, then give Buddy a shot. He will love you and cherish you and be as loyal as can be forever and ever.
Buddy was lovingly fostered by Angela