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Buddy is a very handsome, loyal and loving dog that would make any owner very proud. Sadly, his previous owner did not feel this way. Buddy was either dumped in the country or ran away from a home that may not have been a good one. He wandered into a farming community with the pads of his feet worn right through and bleeding from what the vet described as “road rash.” He was hungry, very frightened and lucky there were good people in that neighborhood to take him in on a temporary basis.

Buddy is very quick to warm up but has initial trepidation towards men, shovels and brooms—you do the math. Even the vet who treated Buddy commented that this dog has definitely been hit in the head repetitively. So that’s the bad news. The good news is that Buddy is healthy, happy, neutered and doesn’t seem to blame anyone for his crappy past. He can sit, lay down, isn’t great on a leash but is certainly far from the worst I have ever seen.  He is a great  dog park -dog, good with children and even cats!  He knows Commands: sit, stay, heel, letdown, rollover.  gimme5, up.

Buddy is described by his current home as extremely loveable. He has quickly attached himself to his temporary owners and already seems to adore him  (and the feeling is mutual). Buddy loves riding in the car and   also snores like a locomotive! Buddy should go to an experienced owner who can give Buddy all the exercise, love and companionship that he lacked in the first two years of his life. Are you ready for a giant bulldog in your life? One who takes up half your couch, rests his massive head on your shoulder and snorts in your ear? If yes, this is your lucky day!