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Abby has been adopted!

Sponsored by Georgia in memory of Shaemus, her beautiful rescue who is missed every day


Meet Abby, a sweet southern belle!  She loves people, gives hugs and little kisses, and likes to lay her head on your chest or shoulder!  She loves the outdoors, walks (in above freezing temperatures only, please!), games of fetch, and zoomies when the mood strikes her.  She’s not all hustle and bustle though, Abby is also happy to spend the evening on your lap watching Netflix.

Abby is a happy, healthy little girl with good house manners.  She can “sit”, and we are working on “shake a paw”.  Abby is happiest sleeping in the bed at night, and will curl right up under the blankets.  She would likely enjoy obedience training as she is eager to please and highly food motivated.  She is a good eater and enjoys treats.  We are using a slow feeder as she tends to eat her meals very quickly.
Abby is house trained, as well as pee pad trained.  While she doesn’t initially like to be crated or confined to a room, she will settle down quickly especially if a treat or filled Kong is offered.   She does well with the run of the main rooms, and is not destructive when left alone.
Abby can walk well on leash and likes to stop frequently to smell all the smells!  She is fine about town, although a bit nervous initially – she went to the groomer, the pet store, the vet’s office, and even the public library.  She enjoys car rides and is well behaved.
Abby will bark for a moment when visitors enter the home, but quickly warms up and is friendly.  She does have a loud bark for such a little girl, so would not be suitable for apartment/condo living.  She will quiet down quickly and is not a constant barker. Abby will greet you joyfully at the end of your work day, but the more you are home, the happier she will be!
When Abby was in the shelter, it was felt she would benefit from the company of another small dog or cat.  In her foster home, she has been somewhat bossy with her foster siblings (3 small dogs and a medium dog), especially when food is involved.  With this is mind, we do feel Abby would do best as an only pet.  She would be best with older kids.
If you’re looking for a sweet, loyal, and loving little girl, you might be Abby’s happily ever after!  For more information on Abby, please contact Rachel at


Abby was lovingly fostered by Rachel L.