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Abby is adopted.


Abby / Female / Maltese / 7 months / Adoption fee: $425.00

Abby close up

A word from Abby:

I am just 1 year old and have been kept in a dirty cage for my whole life not being fed very good food I suffered from fleas that were so so horrible I scratched myself raw. I was never happy and cried a lot and learned to bark all the time with all the others in there.

One day they opened my cage and gave me to a lady that ran to her car with me and we sped away. I ended up at a Vets office for a check up. A lady they said was my foster Mom came to the vet office and swept me up in her arms and took me home and told me not to worry I would never live in a cage ever again. I was so nervous and scared but she tried to make everything good for me but it took me a little while to accept someone touching me you see I never had anyone touch me before now I am really liking someone stroking me and rubbing my ears. I am starting to trust people knowing they aren’t going to hurt me.

A word from her Foster Mom:

I can say so many postive things about Abby. She is a tiny little girl that wants to just love everybody and everything that life has to offer her. She is a fun energetic loving little girl. Abby needs some boundaries and training because she is still so young and never had any guidance but she is very smart and is a quick learner.

Abby eats well and of course loves treats and also loves other dogs treats where she will just take the other dogs treats off them this is where she needs to learn boundaries and respect and what is not acceptable. When she came she barked at just about anything that was new even a tree in the breeze, she has moved past that now and knows barking is not acceptable and will stop on being told and redirected. Positive reenforcement works well with her and she does listen.

She will need time to trust new surroundings and will be skittish but I found within a week or so with me she is now coming and putting her paws up to be petted so this little girl won’t take long to move forward. She uses pee pads and also will go outside to do her business. She does not like crates which is common for puppy mill dogs because often they were kept with litter mates where they curled up together so to crate them by themselves is too lonely and scary for them.

Abby can be scared of bigger dogs at times so would do best with a dog that isn’t too big although would accept a loving respectful larger dog that wants her company in their dog bed. She is such a love bug.

Abby needs a secured backyard or someone that will be with her on a leash and someone that has the time to teach her everything a young dog needs to learn to be the best dog possible.

Because of her tiny size no children under 10 years old. Abby would love another dog but doesn’t absolutely need another dog if her new home will allow her to cuddle in their bed and spend their time with her.

We are learning to walk on a leash but that will take more time. Abby will need regular grooming also to keep her matt free. Condo living would be difficult for Abby because of various noises in the building that could cause her to bark.

Are you that special person for Abby?

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