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MAY 4, 2020:

Another week and another Covid-19 update.
We were over-whelmed with the number of inquires and applications we received for our recently posted dogs and know that there are many disappointed people with amazing homes to offer a dog. We appreciate how difficult it is to adopt a dog during the pandemic.

On our end, we are very limited as the shelters that we have developed such wonderful relationships with are not accessible while the border is closed. The Ontario shelters have also seen a great interest in adoption as well which has kept their numbers low. We continue to be ready to help and are hoping to have some Northern dogs coming into rescue over the next while.

Once again we ask that people do not apply for dogs that are not listed as available. Diva, Paulie, and Ziva all require some additional veterinary care prior to being adoptable and as none of these needs are deemed urgent (thankfully!) we will need to keep them in rehab for the time being.

We have been happy with the way we have been able to navigate adoptions while maintaining social distancing and the safety of all involved. It does seem that things are going to be slowly opening-up in a very well-thought out manner and we will continue to reassess and make changes as needed.

One thing we have learned over the years, is that we always end up with the dogs we are meant to, so please don’t give up on rescuing. Once the pandemic ends there will be no doubt be many dogs in need of loving families and we will be honoured to help you find yours.

MARCH 23, 2020:

Although we had all hoped that the Covid 19 crisis would not have the far reaching effect it has, it is increasingly apparent that the need for social distancing will continue for some time to come. 

We had paused applications and adoptions a few weeks ago and at this time we have decided to try and find a way to balance the safety of our foster homes, our dogs, adopters, and our community and begin to do adoptions again.

In order to make sure that the modified processes we are instituting are functioning well, we will be starting off with the following changes to our procedures:

– One dog will go up for adoption weekly. 
– If the dog you are interested in is not yet listed as available, please wait until they are placed up for adoption before submitting an application.
– In person meet and greets will not be available until further notice.
– Home visits will be done virtually (photo/video).
-Applicants must be able to print/scan adoption contracts
– Adoption will be conducted in a secure space, with a minimum 2 meters between applicant and volunteer at all times.

As we cautiously move forward to ensure that we can safely do adoptions, and respect the need to follow the government’s requirements, we will hopefully be able to have more dogs available concurrently.

We thank everyone for their patience and support during these extraordinary circumstances we are all enduring. 

~ Save Me Dog Rescue ~