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Meet The Team

Our Save Me Family

Save Me Dog Rescue takes pride in not only their outstanding reputation, but also their amazing volunteers. Save Me is 100% volunteer driven and their volunteers dedicate countless hours to saving the lives of hundreds of dogs every year. Save Me Dog Rescue operates with a “we are family” attitude and it shows. All members, whether newly joined or seasoned veterans, work together as a team to help find dogs loving homes.

Board of Directors

President & Director of Veterinary Care – Roz York-Brodsky
Vice President & Director of Ontario Intake – Courtney Miller
Director of Adoptions & US Intake Coordinator – Alissa Jambrovic
Director of Finance & Public Communications – Amanda Corsaut
Social Media Coordinator & Director – Sherri McKinnon Tait


Secretary – Carol Johnston
Chief Finance Officer – Colleen Varanelli

Honourary Board Members

Carol & Keith Johnston – Founders
Grace Kitson
Colleen Varanelli

What motivates our amazing volunteers to make a difference?

Dorothea –  I want to make up for all the hurt & abuse they received, with love and kindness.”

Giving back, being the voice for those that can’t speak, they give me back so much
more than I give them!”
– Shari

Lynda – I want to save innocent wee souls and show them what love and a good life is all about!”

To see the state these dogs are trying to exist in breaks my heart. If I can save one
soul at a time, I am happy. I am blessed to work with so many knowledgeable,
compassionate people it humbles me.” – Deb

Cheryl –Rescue to me means empty wallet,  dirty floors, tears, but a LOVE LIKE NO OTHER.”

I volunteer with Save Me Dog Rescue because I LOVE DOGS & I like being part of
the process that helps them find their furever home.” – Shelley

Carey –I like to help those that cannot help themselves. I like standing up for the “underdog”.
All animals deserve our respect and protection.”

I am the bridge between what was and what can be.” – Uyen

Rose –I do it because l get the satisfaction of love and also knowing they would be going
to there forever home with love.”

I am unable to say no to a little face when it’s in my power to do it.” – Meg

Tanya –I foster because helping 1 dog at a time is a small good deed that I can do – and
because it makes me happy!”

The dogs rescue me just as much as I rescue them” – Dione

Angie –The feeling of helping the helpless is addictive.”

I do it because I can’t not.” – Kate

Paulina – I foster to make a difference in the lives of these little ones as the love
I receive from them make such a difference in mine

“I believe every dog deserves to be in a loving, caring home and
am thankful that my family and I play a part in making this dream
a reality” –

Melissa – “The dogs my family has been lucky enough to know over the years
have given us so much unconditional love. It feels good to be able to pay that
back, in some small way.”

“We foster because so many dogs need saving, and our passion is to give them a
chance for love and kindness that they may never have known.” – Keith & Carol

Janet – Rescuing dogs and giving them that second chance, when they are out of my passion… and I can’t think of any other way that I want to spend
the rest of my life… They so deserve our love and efforts to save them.

When you look into the eyes of an animal that needs you, the heart just takes over
and helping them becomes the only answer.” – Erica

I foster to help undo the bad and replace it with good for the forgotten ones” – April

I am a rescuer because I want to be a safe haven. I want
heal the broken, love the unloved and teach both dogs and people that
we can make a difference.” – Colleen

Cynthia – “I foster rescue dogs because someone decided the life of a dog just isn’t that
and I know that these dogs were just dealt a bad hand and I can help change
the game 
for them and put them in the hands of a family who will see and nurture the
wonderful beings that they are. The love and laughter these dogs give, in the short
they’re with me, is deeply rewarding. Also, the relationships I’ve built through
rescuing are a blessing.”

“When I was a kid my first dog was a stray that lived in the back yard of an abandoned
house a few houses down. She was gentle and sweet and I couldn’t imagine anyone
leaving her. We put up posters and called local animal shelters but no one claimed her.
  Since then all I have wanted to do is help more dogs like her who just want someone to
love them. It truly breaks my heart the kind of experiences dogs have and I just want
to give a little love back.” – Amber

Susan – “I decided to foster once my girls left home-empty nest syndrome and after
42 foster pups and a foster fail our home is always open to a pup in need. There is
nothing more rewarding than knowing our family has helped a dog find a loving
forever home! Ya we lose a little of our hearts every time they leave, but our hearts
are filled every time we know another baby has a new loving life. One dog at a time
our family tries to make a difference.”