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Foster Application

Interested in fostering for Save Me Dog Rescue?

Fostering is such a rewarding experience. You will be a safe place during your foster dog’s journey to forever.  Whether they come from a home that can no longer care for their pet, or it’s a dog who may otherwise not see the outside of a shelter, you will be the bridge from past to future. Fostering saves lives!

To learn more about fostering, please see our “Fostering – Questions & Answers” under our F.A.Q. menu. This will help you to decide if fostering is right for you.

Your application is our best method to get to know you, so we ask that you provide us with the most accurate information possible. Please note that these questions do not have right or wrong answers, but are a way for us to verify that the dog you have selected would be best suited to your home and lifestyle.

Please also note, we will only be place our dogs in smoke free homes. This is something we look for during our home visit, which is the last stage of our application process. 


    Applicant 1 (primary applicant)

    Applicant 2 (spouse/partner)



    Applicant 1 (primary applicant)

    Applicant 2 (spouse/partner/parent (if under 25)



    Please note that while the majority of our dogs come into foster care already spayed or neutered, some dogs may require surgery after coming into foster care. If your existing pets are not comfortable with, for example, a dog that is not yet neutered, please let us know this prior to fostering so that we can ensure that any dog entering your home is already fixed.

    Please note that if you have allergies to dogs, we cannot guarantee the breed of the dog without CKC or AKC paperwork. We make a guess on a dog’s breed based on their appearance and the recommendation of our shelter partners and vets. If you require a hypoallergenic dog due to allergies, please let us know.



    Please note that we cannot allow a home with dogs and/or cats that are not neutered or spayed (unless for medical reasons) to foster or adopt through Save Me Dog Rescue.







    (for current pets or pets within last 5 years)

    Please provide your vet clinic with permission to release your information to us before submitting your foster application.

    Personal References
    (family, friends, co-workers who are familiar with your current pets, if applicable)

    By signing this document:

    I/we understand that Save Me Dog Rescue (“Save Me”) will be responsible for any medical or other approved expenses associated with the foster dog in my care. If injuries or medical treatment is required as a result of negligence on the part of the foster home, the foster home will be held responsible for covering the costs of treatment.

    I/we understand that by signing this form I/we agree to release and covenant to hold harmless Save Me and its members from any claims, damages, costs, or actions incurred as a result of the foster care or actions of the foster dog.

    I/we will notify Save Me immediately should the foster dog become lost, stolen, and ill or die.

    I/we agree to contact the Save Me representative assigned to me at least once per week to update her on the condition and well-being of the foster dog.

    Save Me strongly discourages and will not tolerate training or behavior modification through physical violence of any sort. We will not condone nor tolerate hitting, “spanking”, “pinning” or any other form of physical punishment, including any type of “dominance down” training techniques as seen on shows such as The Dog Whisperer. Save Me will not condone the use of prong collars, shock collars or the use of invisible fencing (and associated shock collars).

    All foster dogs must wear a Save Me I.D. tag, which will be provided to you. Please keep a collar with I.D. on your foster dog at all times, even when indoors.

    The foster home agrees to provide high quality food for the foster dog at his or her own expense. Treats, toys, beds, sweaters/jackets, etc. are also the responsibilities of the foster home unless otherwise specified.

    Save Me reserves the right to remove the dog from your premises at any time, without justification or notification. If Save Me judges the foster dog to be in danger, this signed document releases Save Me to remove the dog from said premises without warning.

    The foster home understands that Save Me cannot predict the behavior of any dog in any situation. Save Me will provide any relevant information on the dog’s history and temperament that is known; this information may or may not be a reliable indicator of how the dog will behave in a new environment, including your home.

    I/we certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct. In signing this document I am granting permission for a Save Me representative to contact all stated references and veterinarian(s).

    I am/we are physically able to care for this foster dog. I/we understand that proper food, water and shelter is necessary, and I am/we are able to meet these requirements. Home visits are mandatory prior to fostering and may be made on a random basis after a dog is placed in your home to foster. If upon inspection Save Me finds information contained in this application to be false, Save Me retains the right to turn down your application or remove the animal from your premises. Save Me reserves the right to refuse a foster application due to our primary interest being the well-being of the dog. Save Me requires a hard copy of your signature, certifying the above information. Your signature also indemnifies Save Me and representatives thereof from any and all liabilities that may occur due to fostering any rescues.

    I have read and understand the above information. Upon approval, I understand Save Me will require a hard copy of my signature, certifying the above information