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FAQ – Fostering


Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster home for Save Me Dog Rescue! All potential foster homes much first go through our screening process which involves a vet reference check (if applicable), a phone interview, personal reference checks and a home visit. Please read the following FAQ and then complete the Foster Application. Thank you!


Where do your foster dogs come from?

Our foster dogs can include owner surrenders, puppy mill releases, transfers from local Ontario shelters/animal control, as well as shelters in the U.S. All dogs are temperament tested prior to coming into rescue to determine, to the best of our ability, whether they are good with people, dogs, cats, children, etc. Dogs coming from the U.S. are transported to Ontario weekly by a group of volunteers who drive them on various “legs” of the transport and meet other volunteers along the way. We ask that our foster homes are able to meet the transport along the 401 at a stop nearest to them to pick up their foster dog. Foster pick-ups typically take place on Saturday afternoons/evenings depending on your location. Transport help may be available, if needed.

Can I choose my own foster dog?
Our Fostering and Intake Coordiantor, Alissa, works with each of our foster homes, as well as our local and U.S. shelters, to find a dog that suits the foster home’s specific needs (size, breed, age, sex, temperament and personality). We never “force” a foster dog on any home – it has to be the right fit for all involved – and we work extensively with our foster homes during the dog’s time in their care to ensure that both the foster home and dog are having all of their needs met. Never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns!

What does Save Me cover in terms of costs?

All foster dogs will be spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested and wormed while in foster care (or prior to their arrival). All approved vetting costs are covered by the rescue. If your dog requires a vet recommended diet or additional medications, this is also covered by the rescue.. While Save Me does receive some public donations of supplies (dog beds, dishes, leashes/collars, etc.) and food from partner stores from time-to-time, this is not always consistent. If we do receive a donation that you would like to partake it, we can try to arrange transport of the items if you are unable to pick them up.

What am I responsible for?

While a foster dog is in your home, we ask that you work on simple training with them to improve skills such as basic manners, leash walking, house training, socialization (dogs and people), etc. You are our eyes and ears for your foster, and you should notify us of any issues in terms of behaviour that you feel may need additional work, as well as any medical concerns you have that require veterinary attention. You may be required to provide food if we are unable to get donations to you. If you are able to provide a collar or harness and leash, dog bed, etc., that would also be extremely helpful. Most adopters will have purchased their own items for the dog, so these are not items that you would have to purchase again unless you choose to send these items off with your foster dog.