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Zuma has been adopted!

Sponsored by Joey (Save Me Alumni: Kenny) and loving sister Bailey

Meet Zuma.
He is a Male 2 year old, neutered husky mix. Zuma is a very calm and timid guy. He gets along with other dogs, has not met a cat and is good with kids.  Zuma’s foster mom is helping Zuma get used to indoor life. Prior to coming south Zuma was always outdoors. He is adjusting well and catching on quickly, but its important to know not to spoil him with too much attention in the beginning as this can cause separation anxiety. Zuma does well in a crate, but does need some encouragement to go inside, however once inside he is quiet and calm.
Zuma is currently underweight and will need to be brought to a healthy weight slowly, currently he is receiving 1.5 cups two times a day, Due to him being underweight Zuma’s foster mom recommends that he be put on a high quality food in his forever home. Also Zuma is learning to know that he will be fed daily, he becomes very interested in food and will steal food from people if he can. He has not counter surfed yet, but the foster family has been keeping a close eye on him, given the chance Zuma’s Foster moms is confident he would. Zuma enjoys walks and is learning to walk on leash, if there are no squirrels or other wildlife he is great, otherwise hold on tight! Zuma is a strong boy!  Zuma’s foster mom is working with Zuma trying to get him used to the idea., there has been improvements and she feels he will soon learn to love getting in the car.
Zuma has learned to sit, and working on stay and down. He is house trained as has no accidents in the house.
Zuma should be kept on leash in the future home for the first 2 weeks. He currently is a flight risk and will bolt when given the opportunity to. This is why the Foster mom recommends training.
Zuma’s foster Mom thinks Zuma would be a great fit for a family who is active and loves the outdoors, that understands the husky breed and will be willing to work with Zuma and train him to get used to being apart of a family!

For more information on Zuma, please contact his foster mom Angela