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Zoey has been adopted.


Zoey is a gorgeous medium size (26 pound) beagle mix that is approximately 2 years old.  She is from a high kill shelter in Ohio and was found as a stray.  As you can see from her eyes, she is a shy girl that is looking for a gentle soul to love her.  She did not do well in the shelter and was reluctant to leave her kennel when someone came to meet her. 

We think that Zoey probably had a tough beginning to life prior to being rescued by Save Me.  She is skinny and would benefit from gaining a little bit of weight.  She a great appetite and is treat motivated.  Her foster family is currently feeding her a little extra kibble/canned food at this time. 

Zoey arrived at Save Me Rescue with a luxating patella of her left hind leg which was diagnosed by the vet in Ohio; however once Zoey was in foster care we realized that she was favoring her left leg quite a bit and a vet visit was booked and xrays were performed.  The xrays showed that Zoey has already had surgery on her right knee and that her left knee has an old injury that requires the repair of her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).  Zoey’s surgery will be covered by Save Me Rescue. 

During the day when her foster family is away from the home, Zoey goes into her crate with a few tasty treats to keep her occupied (a Kong filled with peanut butter, liver treats and a safe dog bone).  Although a crate is not needed for Zoey as she is house trained and not destructive when left alone, she finds her crate comforting and she settles quickly in it without any fuss or barking/whining.    

Zoey enjoys being outside in an area that is quiet with not a lot of passing cars.  Currently, passing cars make her nervous and she is unsure of what to do.  Her foster mom is currently stopping when a car approaches and talking calmly to Zoey until the car is gone.   Once we are on a park trail, Zoey relaxes and she enjoys her daily walks and meeting other dogs, children and adults.  Zoey would benefit from a fully fenced in backyard or a trail like area close to her forever home.

Zoey  is a low energy dog that enjoys the company of people.  She is not shy when her foster family has company and she will not hesitate to ask them for belly rubs.  She enjoys laying on the couch in the family room and welcoming her people over to the couch for snuggles with the wagging of her tail and the anticipation of being petted.  She knows her name and will come to you when she is called. 

She has greeted the family cat nicely as well as the cat at the local vet’s office.  At night time, she sleeps in a large size dog bed in the master bedroom beside her foster family’s bed.  She is a great sleeper and sleeps through the entire night (in fact she sleeps through the morning alarm).

Zoey has been spayed, tested for heartworm (is negative), was dewormed, received advantage and is fully vaccinated.

If you are interested in more information on Zoey please email her foster mom Bianca, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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