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Zoey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Robin in memory of Buddy.


To support our Northern Rescue Partners, in their efforts to bring veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics to the Northern Communities, $50.00 of each northern dog adoption fee will go towards these programs.

Meet Zoey! This beautiful Northern girl is 1 years old and on the smaller side at just 41lbs. Think big dog appearance in a small body. We have loved getting to know her and in our short time with her, have seen a sweet Northern girl emerge. Zoey is from a remote fly in only community on the James Bay coast called Attawapiskat. Although her breed it unknown, it is likely that Zoey is a mix of husky and shepherd. She has a beautiful long coat and is very striking looking (getting a lot of compliments when she is out). Zoey is a resilient young dog who has adapted quickly to lots of changes in her life.

If you are looking for a dog that is the perfect balance of youthful and playful but also chill and housetrained… Well Zoey is your girl. She loves to play, cuddle up, have her tummy rubbed and gives the best full body lean in hugs. You know those kind of dog hugs where you can just tell how safe and grateful the dog is? Zoey loves to play independently with toys on her dog bed and is happy to grab toys and play on her own for long periods of time.

Zoey is a timid girl at first who needs a little time to warm up to new people or situations. Give her a little time and she settles right in. She has handled a great amount of change extremely well since arriving into foster care. She is still adapting to the sights and sounds of suburban city life but is very comfortable inside our predictable family home after just 2-3 days.

Zoey is crate trained at night and has not had any accidents. She uses her crate thorough out the day for quiet time and after stimulation (a long walk, playing outside with her canine foster brother or doing any training exercises). This has helped Zoey to feel safe in her new home and space after experiencing so many changes. She settles into her crate fairly quickly – she will let out a few whines then goes to sleep or plays with a toy quietly. Zoey has learned to go to the door when she needs to go out. She has also learned to sit and is working on her recall. She sits calmly for dinner and knows to wait to be given her meals.

Zoey hasn’t met many other dogs yet while in foster care but she is doing really well with our own large dog although they were introduced in a controlled, calm way. She initially was quite hesitant towards him but warmed up quickly once she felt safe. They now nap, play and eat together.

Currently, Zoey is being fostered in a home with 2 young (under 7), dog savvy children. She has done extremely well with them and most of the time, acts neutral towards them. She enjoys cuddling with them when they return from being out. Like most young dogs, Zoey needs close supervision when around the children to ensure she doesn’t mouth or nip when they are running or acting excited. Although Zoey is a young adult, as she has got more comfortable with us, she has started mouthing us and grooming us. We are working on this.

Zoey is working on her manners in the home. She is food motivated and will counter surf if given the opportunity or left to her own devices. Likewise, she will pick up non-dog items to attempt to chew them. She redirects very quickly and does not resource guard items or toys that we have seen. Zoey will also jump up on furniture when given the chance. Zoey has not been vocal in our home but has barked outdoors when chasing our dog during physical play.

Outdoors, Zoey is working on her leash skills on walks. She likes to walk beside the household dog and is learning how to behave by observing him. She has demonstrated some prey drive with squirrels and small animals. She demonstrates interest in seeing other dogs but does not bark (just looks with interest).

Due to her initial timid nature, she is being exposed to city life slowly so she is not over whelmed. She may do better in a home that isn’t in an urban city centre as busy streets do seem to scare her. She will continue to be safely exposes to new experiences as she grows more confidence and comfortable in her new home.

Zoey was found to be healthy at a routine, initial vet examination and her teeth are in good condition. Her previous family shared that she is about 1 years old.

This girl is going to make for a wonderful dog and will thrive with gentle love and attention.