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Zoey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Heather, in loving memory of Buster


Zoey arrived into Canada on February 8. Found as a stray, she had matted fur and many fleas. The fleas she had caused a bit of a skin irritation but nothing holds sweet Zoey from enjoying her new loved life. She has been spayed, groomed and received a great bill of health. She has some worn teeth that are not causing her any trouble whatsoever.

Now to the great stuff… Zoey is the best cuddler anyone could ask for, she eats well, walks really good on a leash and is the happiest dog! She listens intently when anyone is speaking to her, caulking her head to one side to emit her complete cuteness. She very gently accepts treats, and sleeps all snuggled in bed all night. She is never crated, and is very well behaved when left home alone. She gives the best kisses even if you are only out of her sight for a few seconds. She loves to spend time on her own as well, playing with a toy or munching on a dog bone. The mere mention of a walk sends her into her circle dance that makes us all laugh. Zoey loves to ride in the car, sitting in the middle where she can watch the world go by. She gets along well with all ages of children. Ideally, she would love to share her new home with another dog or at least a cat or two. I am so happy to have had the pleasure of fostering Zoey and know she will bring her new family tons of joy.

She is a Canadiens Fan and cheers with her foster family “Go Habs Go”!


Zoey was lovingly fostered by Brenda