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Ziva has been adopted!

Ziva is sponsored in memory of sweet beagle girl Lainey. Wishing her a wonderful future.


Introducing Ziva, a sweet, calm senior lady who is looking for her forever home. Ziva has been a perfect house guest in foster. Don’t let her sad eyes fool you- she likes people and loves children, and has been great with every dog and cat she’s met so far. Social isolation has been difficult for Ziva, as she clearly wants to go say hello to everyone she passes by. Children particularly seem to be her favourite, and it’s been very hard to have to keep her away from playing with them, however there are a couple kids in the neighbourhood that she’s gotten to say hi to, and she adores seeing them out playing. She’s also made friends with two neighbourhood outdoor cats, who come over and say hi when they see us out for a walk. Ziva is very gentle and her tail wags happily when they come over to boop noses with her. There’s not an ounce of aggression in this girl.

Ziva LOVES her walks, and she demands at least two per day. Apparently, nobody’s told her she’s a senior, because when it comes to walks she doesn’t seem to get tired quickly. Her leash manners are ok, but it’s her preference to lead the walks, so she needs some corrections along the way and some encouragement to slow down and not pull so much (although her preference would be a family who can keep up with her). Ziva doesn’t hear very well, a trait she uses to her advantage out on walks, so you will have to be patient and guide her with proper leash training. We have been working on stopping at every corner before crossing the street, and she’s starting to get the hang of it. Ziva will need a yard with a secure fence, as when she’s outside she’s ready to walk, and being hard of hearing means you won’t be able to call her back. She also likes to play security guard in the yard, walking the perimeter, inspecting the fencing for holes (she’s also a digger). Once she’s verified the yard’s security, her favourite thing is to lay out and sunbathe in the mornings.

Ziva is fully house trained and doesn’t get into any mischief. She can be left home alone without worry, and sleeps thru the night peacefully. She doesn’t require crating, and rotates where she sleeps, often content to just call it a night on the living room sofa. She’s a very quiet girl, her foster dad has only heard her voice twice in the 3 months since arriving. Not hearing well means she doesn’t react to outdoor noises, however she likely wouldn’t anyways, as she isn’t reactive to people who come to the door or enter the house. She’s a cool, easy going lady.

When Ziva’s in the house and she’s had her walks, she’s very docile and loves her naps. In the morning she’ll happily sleep in every chance she gets. Feel free to make your coffee and your own breakfast before waking her up. She’s an affectionate girl, and loves to come check on her humans in between naps. She has a couple toys and will play a little bit on her own, tossing them in the air and chasing them, though she hasn’t really involved her foster dad in her play.

Ziva has been in foster for 3 months while she waited for isolation measures to ease up enough to have a full dental. She had 4 teeth on the left side of her mouth, along with a full cleaning and x-rays. She had her follow up appointment and everything is healing perfectly. Ziva’s future family will need to keep up her dental care with brushings, to help keep the rest of her teeth strong and healthy. Fortunately Ziva is very easy going when it comes to working on her. She’ll even let you trim her nails without any fights.

Ziva needs a lively family. Although she’s a couch potato around the house, all signs point to her enjoying excitement around her. A family with kids, other dogs and/or cats would be ideal. She’s a very special senior pup and really doesn’t need much. Just love, activity and lots of outdoor time.

Ziva was lovingly fostered by Mike