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Zeus has been adopted!

Zeus / Male /Wire Hair Fox Terrier / 15 Lbs / 8 yrs old / Adoption fee: $300.00

From Zeus:
Hi my name is Zeus. I had a pretty long journey getting to Canada and to my Foster Home, but it was well worth the trip! I have a great foster family, my foster mom and dad love petting me and giving me cuddles.
My foster brother & sister, Ollie & Daizy, are both older dogs like me who like to have lots of naps through the day too. I get along really well with them and do not bother them or annoy them.
My foster mom put a bed in front of the fireplace for me, and although I love to cuddle in it I love being in my foster mom or foster dads lap for my naps, they don’t mind though. I’m not as active as I used to be but I still love to go for walks and play in the back yard.
I had some blood tests done that showed raised Liver Enzymes but my foster family has me on a special diet and vitamins to help those numbers come down, I’ll probably need to eat this special diet for the rest of my life though, that’s ok though because my last blood test showed good results. My foster mom mixes in a bit of canned food with my kibble because she knows I don’t like the taste of the kibble. When she mixes in the can food I gobble it all up.
I did make a couple messes in the house but only because my journey was so long and I was so tired and I felt confused and needed time to adjust and settle in. I’m ok now, no more messes.
I really love my foster home but really want to find my new Furever home where I will be loved for the rest of my life.
From The Foster Parents:
Zeus has been a wonderful boy, very sweet, kind, and a very polite gentleman that loves lots of love, pets and cuddles. Zeus came to us a bit out of sorts, which we think was due to his very long journey from Kentucky all the way to Barrie, Ontario. It took him a couple days to settle in but once he did he was fine.
At bed time Zeus loves to cuddle into his little bed that we put beside our bed. Zeus sleeps through the whole night and will wake up when his humans wake up.
He listens very well and will tell you if he needs to go outside. We have not heard him bark really, only a couple times and it was a single Woof. He does not bother too much with his foster sister and foster brother as they too are seniors and all 3 love their rest. Zeus walks very well on a leash, and also loves car rides. He loves to cuddle up into his foster dads lap and would stay there all day if he could.
Since being in foster Zeus has not yet been around cats or kids so we currently have no information as to how he is with them. We will see how he is with cats and kids and will update once complete.
Thank you
Zeus came into the shelter covered in fleas and with a terrible coat. During his initial exam his blood work revealed elevated liver enzyme. He was put on special Rx Kidney diet which aids liver health as well and milk thistle supplements. His latest blood work showed that he is no longer elevated. As a precaution we will run blood work once more in a months time to confirm his levels are still in the normal range, once confirmed he will be placed up for adoption.

For more information on Zeus, please contact his foster mom Billie-Lyn, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!