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Zach has been adopted!

Laura and Zulu would like to sponsor Zach in honour of national black dog day ♥️



Zach is a male Terrier mix coming to us from a shelter in Gatineau Quebec where he was found as a stray. This Little guy has a vibrant, loving and happy personality. He is approx. 3 yrs. old, weighs 15 lb. and is black and white with a scruffy coat. He has the saddest eyes which just melts your heart.
This lively boy is always happy and ready to play chase and wrestle with his foster siblings. He is very social and gets along very well with other dogs and people but not cats. Cats seem to bring out the terrier hunting instincts.
Zach is a big cuddle bug and loves affection from his human and is always as physically close to them as he can get or is allowed, especially at bedtime. He loves going on walks and walks fairly well on lead. He loves to zoom around the back yard and wrestle with his siblings. He is high energy outside and low inside. He loves to chase his tail and goes round and round, grumbling when he can’t catch it. He is an amusing little boy.
He is well behaved in the house, being fully housetrained, as long as he is kept to a schedule (he knows the word Outside means time to do his business). He is not a chewer. He only barks in the house if one of the other dogs bark or the doorbell rings or he hears a sound new to him. As he gets used to the sounds, he does not bark or grumble at them.
Zach does not seem to have had any training, nor does he know his boundaries as the whole word belongs to him! This has greatly improved as he learns the word no! He did have a tendency to nip when he is being redirected away from what he is doing,; however, this has also greatly improved as he understands who the pack leader is. This little guy is very smart and learns quickly. He is a curious fellow and quite nosy which sometimes gets him into trouble. He is also crate trained.
He eats well and loves treats- his own and anyone else’s and he will take them gently from your hand. He does have a tendency to try to take dinners from the other dogs along with their treats. We suspect he might have seasonal allergies which is being managed with medication. He received his rabies vaccine Oct 6 2021 and tested negative for heartworm.
Zach would do well in a forever home with
• a calm environment
• his humans have the patience and time to be with him and invest in his training and be firm with keeping him within his boundaries
• caution would be needed if there are young children in the house
• older children should be dog savvy
• fully fenced yard
• humans who will give him exercise to release his energy
• firm but gentle guidance and positive reinforcement
• dog sibling(s) would be wonderful
• definitely no cats
Zach is an amazing, loving little boy who will bring such joy and sparkle to his forever family and definitely keep them amused and on their toes!

Zach was lovingly fostered by Carey