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Yogi has an application in progress

Sponsored by Nancy in memory of Quinn who was a very loved member of his family for seventeen years and lived a beautiful life.


Yogi has been a delight to have in his foster home. He gets along well with the other dogs (both big and small), loves meeting new dogs and neighbors as we pass by and will even try to play with the next door neighbor’s cat. Yogi is full of love, enjoys snuggle time with his care giver as well as his canine friends.
Yogi is a pretty content, happy, healthy boy. He spends his days snoozing or playing with his comrades. We go for short walks a few times a day. He loves to be outside, sniffing his surrounds and marking his territory. After walkies, the boys head into the backyard for a zoomies session where we all chase each other – a great time had by all!

Yogi doesn’t ask for much in life. Lots of love and attention, a full belly (belly rubs and cookies included), exercise, play time and a comfy bed to crawl into when it’s nap time.

For a tiny dog he sure does have a big personality. He’s very interactive and has been known to instigate play time in the home. Yogi isn’t much of a barker but he does talk to his humans. Cooing and singing as he prances around entertaining himself.

Yogi was an owner surrender due to unfortunate circumstances. The shelter was advised that Yogi can be a bit shy when meeting new people, especially men, and may sometimes nip when scared. This behaviour can be typical of his breed. Its been a short time since he’s been in Save Me Rescue’s care, however, in that time Yogi has not shown any shyness or fear of his surroundings or towards humans. It’s all love, kisses and snuggles for this little guy.

Yogi would do well in a home with other dogs or cats. He does like children and will warm up to them once he becomes more familiar. He would do fine as a solo dog as well. He doesn’t mind being left on his own if he is taken for a walk first. Walks tucker him out and a tired dog is a sleepy dog.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only