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Xena – Adopted!

Xena is sponsored by Kelly C. In honour of her save me alum Sunny (Eden)



Xena is a lover and a fighter. She has big brown innocent eyes and a soft squishy face that begs to be kissed all over. At about 40 lbs., she is a mini Shepherd, sleek, lean, and smart.  Her favourite thing to do is sit on the couch looking at all the action out the front window. She is not a barker, just an observer. Second to that is snuggling up on the couch, she loves to burry her head in your neck while being loved up.

Xena had a rough start to life, she was abused in the past and as a result can be very unsure of people. Quick hand gestures and fast movement toward her collar can cause her to hide under tables or give a submissive pee. Thankfully, she is a little Warrior and in the few weeks she has been in foster care she has made great strides in gaining her confidence.

She will need a calm, quiet home that will be willing to continue to help her gain confidence within the world.  Her perfect home would be childfree, have a large fenced yard in a quiet suburban or rural area and have a dog companion to help her along her journey. She is a very good companion to cats but really needs a dog with her to show her it’s okay to relax and just be a dog. Plus she absolutely loves playing chase with her doggie buddies.

It seems Xena is happy with her move north as she has a lot of fun rolling and bounding around in the snow.  She loves when fresh snow has fallen so she can dive bomb it.  Xena seems to enjoy being outside and will happily go out in the yard on her own and run around sniffing about.  She is very agile and while playing chase she can change directions on a dime making catching her impossible!

Xena desperately wants to meet people and dogs while on her walks but only has the confidence when with her dog companion. She is slow to meet new people and prefers if the person waits for her to come to them. She will gently nudge their hand, letting them know she is ready for some loving.

Xena is not yet fully housetrained but she is getting there.  She is crated during the day and at night and is very good at going in her crate when asked. If left out the crate she is not at all destructive, just needs the house training bit.

Xena does have a lot of energy and will need time to run around the yard and nice long walks to burn her energy. She will only play with toys when people are not in the room or she has her dog companion close by.

Xena is a truly special dog that will provide much laughter and joy to her new family.  She is a silly girl looking for attention and love. She will need gentle and understanding people who will give her the time and love to continue her healing.  If you feel your home and hearts have room for this little girl, I know she will be your families cherry on top.

Xena was adopted by her foster mom Andrea