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Wolfie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Glenn, in loving memory of her Eddy


Meet Wolfie! He is a loving boy who is approximately 8-10 years old and about 12lbs. As per our last vet appointment for him, he is in great health but does have some cloudiness to his eyes. He can see but we think it slightly impacts his vision.

Wolfie was found in the Fall in a very sad state. He was emaciated, covered in fleas and in his own waste. He has come a very long way from those heartbreaking days. He has been in his current foster home since January. Wolfie is a very affectionate dog who loves to shower his people with nonstop kisses and cuddles! He’s loves being with his people but also needs and enjoys his alone time. He has a few “hiding spots” in his foster home where he likes to take his afternoon nap or go to when it’s bed time. He is very loyal to his foster parents and absolutely loves mealtime and his snacks! He doesn’t need haircut grooming but does need to be bathed every month or so. He doesn’t mind it and tolerates it very well! He can be very submissive but his confidence has improved since he first arrived.

Wolfie can be vocal when he hears noises in the apartment hallway or sees a stranger outside, so he would do best in a detached home for that reason. He occasionally experiences some separation anxiety which may cause him to be vocal at times. He is mostly housetrained but will have the occasional accident if he’s left for too long, but he tries really hard to hold it.

He doesn’t act his age and more like a puppy! Because of that, he does tend to “mouth” chew people when playing as a puppy would do, but in a very gentle manner. He loves nap time but he is also a fairly high energy little dog. He is good with cats and ignores them, and is good with most other dogs if there is a proper introduction and he has some time to warm up to them.

Wolfie does have some behavioral issues that are a work in progress. We have been working with him on his leash manners and preventing him from barking/pulling on walks if he sees another person or dog. He is looking for a home who is willing to continue to help Wolfie reach his full potential. While he continues to learn new dogs/people aren’t so bad, his boundaries need to be respected. Currently while on walks he needs to be a safe distance away from strangers. He is very smart and is a great learner, but we don’t know what his life was like before he was rescued, so true progress takes time.

Wolfie would do best in a home/family:
-either as the only dog so his person/people can give him their full attention, or, if there is another dog, owners that have experience with Wolfie’s needs
-would love a secure backyard but would be fine without as well
-with no kids due to his energy/mouthing/training needs
-a home fully aware that he is a work in progress and is a high energy high needs dog
-a home with past experience with reactive dogs

Wolfie is looking for his forever home and is so full of love. With patience and acceptance he will be someone’s most loyal companion!



Wolfie was lovingly fostered by Kate.