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Winston has been adopted!

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Meet Winston!

If we could describe Winston in one word it would be “muppet”. Just like the beloved muppet characters, he has a super expressive face, extra cute, cuddly and loves everyone he meets. He is the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational rescue dog! (Sorry we could resist the muppet theme song).

Winston is great at reading the energy of the room. He has the ability to learn when it’s good to play and when energy needs to settle. He will typically barks when he hears someone else bark. He doesn’t want to be left out so why not join in the choir of his people when someone comes home or when someone is outside that he can see.

Winston is not only cute but has also shown he is also smart. He knows the commands, sit, come and stay. He is working on his waiting skills for dinner. We think he has springs in his legs and he can jump pretty high in excitement for his food. He can use some more manners around food as he can be a bit snippy taking treats; however, he is getting much better with training. He also is a marker so some additional training will be required to cease this behaviour.

He does have a luxating patella right rear leg, grade 2 which is a low grade but doesn’t slow him down. Keeping him at a healthy weight and a supplement such as tri-acta or omegas will be beneficial to his over-all joint health.

Winston really enjoys his walks and does well on leash. A yard would not be a requirement for his forever home so long as he gets daily walks. He also loves to play ball and will play as long as you are willing. When it’s time to stop, he is good with it. He is working on the command to drop the ball.

Winston had spent some time with dog savvy children aged 2-8 and loved them. He is also good with other dogs. He is very interested in the cat in his foster home, who is at the top of the league in letting dogs know when they need to back off – Winston is persistent without human correction, so a home with very dog savvy cats or no cats is ideal.

Because Winston can be vocal, an apartment would not be the best fit for him.

Winston is the cutest little Muppet that can rock a head tilt like no other dog! He has such a wonderful personality that would bring so much joy to his future forever person or family.