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At age 10, Wilson somehow found himself at the pound. How he got there – or more importantly why; still remains a mystery. What we do know however, is that Wilson deserves better. Like many of our senior rescue dogs, it’s likely that Wilson gave his unwavering love to a family until they let him out into the yard unsupervised, dropped him off on the side of the road.. or worse. His love for people however, remains unconditional despite what he has gone through, and we want to show Wilson that it will not be taking in vain!

Some may think that adopting a senior dog can lead to difficulties as they are “stuck in their ways” or have “learned bad habits.” Our experience at Save Me Rescue however, has been quite the opposite! Having been loyal for so many years, many senior dogs look to their new families for guidance. They are eager to please, and keen on receiving lots of love and affection in return. Senior dogs often know a wide variety of tricks that they have learned throughout the course of their lives, whether taught by their (sometimes multiple) families, or if they have stayed in the shelter for a few months; by the wonderful staff who saw potential in them and tried to stimulate them mentally during their stay. It is quite a special experience to bring these dogs into our homes and get to see all of the information they have retained throughout the course of their long lives!

Senior dogs are also most often house-broken, meaning that they know when and where to go to the potty. They can also walk well on leashes, understand commands, have great recall and snuggle like no one’s business! Senior dogs can make fantastic companions to couch potatoes, gardeners and cottage dwellers alike. Do you like to take in romantic strolls? Why not take a senior dog along with you! Dogs like Wilson usually like to spend most of their time with their people, taking in the simple pleasures of life and most of all; relaxing so there is no need to rush. Wilson is also great with other dogs, so if you’re looking for a companion for your existing senior dog, look no further! Wilson is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and as a senior; has a reduced adoption fee.


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