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Hi there! I’m Willow! I’m a fun, little Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) and I’m looking for my forever family. I’m about 3 years old, 25lbs and I have the prettiest little polkadots you’ve ever seen. I promise to be your most loyal friend if you promise to love me and keep me safe. I came from Kentucky when I was sadly a stray but I’m really looking forward to putting that behind me and starting my new life.

When I first came to my foster home I didn’t feel much like eating and I was a little bit nervous. Everything was so new! But now I am really coming out of my shell! I eat all my food, morning and night, every day. My foster mom puts my food in a puzzle bowl so I don’t eat too fast. I’m not a big fan of people food so I won’t bother you when you have a snack or are eating supper.

I’m working on potty training but these things take time. I am trying my best but my foster mom thinks I may not have lived in a house before. I can definitely learn to ring a bell to go outside once I figure it all out. Please have patience with me and take me outside frequently so I understand. I haven’t had any poop accidents but I have had some pee accidents inside.

I’m a pretty quiet girl. I don’t bark when someone comes to the door or when my foster parents vacuum or use the blender. I might bark a couple times if I’m playing and really excited but overall I don’t make very much noise. Sometimes I’m a bit noisy when I see other dogs while I’m out walking but it’s just because I really want to meet them!

I’d like to have a playful, well-behaved doggy brother or sister in my new family. Having a playmate will help keep me busy and happy and I can learn the ropes! I don’t think it’s a good idea to have cats, bunnies or other small animals around because I might chase or herd them. Since my breed is prey driven and I do love to chase It’s a good idea for my new family to have a very secure yard for me to play and run.

True to my breed I have lots of playful energy! I love to play fetch, tug on rope toys, chew bones and chase my (human, age 9 and 10) foster brothers around the yard. I tend to nip when I play because that’s part of my breed’s herding behaviour but I am very smart and can learn to stop this behaviour. My foster mom says the nipping doesn’t hurt but I know I’ll make more friends if I stop. For this reason it is important that I live with an adults only family.

I do like to be challenged and stimulated (mentally and physically) so I don’t end up getting into things I’m not supposed to (shoes, slippers, tissues, anything left on the floor). If I’m kept busy and get lots of exercise I feel my happiest and don’t get into any trouble! My foster mom says I’d be a great hiking and jogging buddy.

I do like to relax too! When my foster mom or dad sit on the couch I am quick to snuggle up with them and take a snooze. I happily relax all evening with them and sleep really well at night. And a long midday nap is my favourite!

As an Australian Cattle Dog I do try to herd my foster brothers from time to time. That means I will follow them and try to nip at them (not hard). I’m not trying to hurt anyone, it’s just what my breed is meant to do! I am learning not to do this but it will take time. Us Cattle Dogs also like to chew so I have lots of chew toys around the house and use them often.

I’m starting to respond to my name and listen pretty well! I am trying my best to figure it all out :). My foster mom says I’m the smartest foster dog she has ever had! I learn very quickly and love to learn new things! It only took me 15 mins or so to learn sit, down and stay! Something like agility training would be perfect for me since I’m so smart. I love a challenge!

Overall I’m a very healthy girl I have been spayed (sept. 9th) and healed up nicely. I’ve had my shots and had a checkup a the very and everything looks good!

If you think I might be a good addition to your family please apply for me! With these pretty eyes who can resist :).

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only