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Willow has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Tamburro at IG Wealth Newmarket – on behalf of our valued clients and in loving memory of sweet Max, who left his paw print forever on our hearts.


Willow is a 2 year old German Shepherd and Husky mix. There are no doubt other things in that mix as well, since she is a Nordic Mix from Northern Ontario, but those two breeds are the most visible in her. She’s a stunning looking girl!

Willow likes to keep active, so she would benefit from a home that will exercise her daily. She also enjoys mental stimulation with toys and finding food/treats. She’s a smart girl and her working breeds show. She is wonderful on leash, super on hiking trails and loves to run like the wind in the backyard.

She is quiet, not a barker, but does whine when left alone. She is one dog that truly doesn’t enjoy being on her own. When crated, she’s really not happy about it, but will settle. She would do best in a family where someone is home most of the time (post COVID as well). She loves to be near to her people, though doesn’t need to be all over them, just near. She is not a fan of the heat and loves to stretch out on a cool floor. Her coat has lightened considerably with the hot weather.

She did well with the other dogs in her previous foster home and is always polite when encountering another dog on her walks. She would probably do better with dogs her size or very active and friendly small dogs that can take the enthusiasm of a larger dog. She does well with kids 7+ since she’s a big dog. She has had limited access to cats though there is potential to chase if the cat is not dog savvy. She’s still got a lot of puppy left in her and likes to mouth a fair amount when over stimulated; it’s gentle, but will need to be worked on and she is responding well to ‘off’ commands.

She loves to play with toys and chew bones. She will need things like this to occupy her. Her appetite has improved greatly and she’s starting to put on some weight, which was needed. She’s currently 50 lbs, but she is a thin dog, so another 5 lbs or so would be good. She’s tall and does like to give hugs, on her back legs. She can rest her paws almost at your shoulders.

Willow is puppy-like in many ways and is still learning but can listen well. Her recall is not great but would improve with training. She does know sit, down, shake a paw, and is house trained as well. She has the potential to learn many tasks and will be fun to work with.

Willow is a beautiful and sweet girl. Her floppy right ear perks up when she is interested in something. She’s going to make an amazing companion for someone who wants a close relationship with their dog. She’s got a gentle spirit and just wants to be included.


Willow was lovingly fostered by Jenny