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Willow has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet Abramson in honour of everyone at Save Me Dog Rescue


UPDATE 09/17: Willow is one of the happiest, friendliest dogs that her foster parents have had. She loves everyone, she wants to play, and run around. She would be good with children and other playful dogs. Willow is “learning” to play, so sometimes you have to remind her that she does not have to make such “weird noises” when she is playing ! She get so excited!!

Willow is still working on walking on a leash, but she is making progress!


UPDATE: Willow went for her first “walk” on a leash tonight. She was terrified, she would not move and her tail was between her legs the whole time . Her foster dad carried her down the street and she had her head hidden in his shoulder the whole time. He turned her around so she could look around, but any time she heard a noise, dogs, cars or people, she would growl. Willow is going to need lots of patience before she will be able to go for walks comfortably. As soon as Willow came home from her walk, she was her happy crazy self!


Willow is a sweet girl who came from an awful situation. She is learning to trust in her foster home and it is not taking long at all! Willow is learning to play, and it is amazing to watch. She gets so excited when you come to the door after being away. Her tail used to be tucked tight between her legs, but now it is up high and wagging!

Willow is house trained and is left loose in the house when her foster parents go to work. She is not destructive at all. When you come home, she is usually curled up in a ball, asleep on a chair or couch. Willow has not been out on a walk yet, so we are not sure how she does on a leash.

Right now, Willow sleeps on a pillow or under the covers of her foster parents’ bed. Willow will say hello to the neighbour’s dog when he is outside barking but will stop once you call her. Willow has only been in her foster home for a short time, so stay tuned for updates. Do you think you could provide a loving home for this sweet girl?



Willow was lovingly fostered by Carey.