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Wilbur has been adopted!

Sponsored by Tricia and Gregg in honour of their greatly missed Clancy



Wilbur is about 15 months old, so is still very much a puppy, with a puppy joy of life. He appears to be a German Shepherd mix. We can only guess at what that mix would be, but he has a lot of Beagle characteristics and colours to him.

Wilbur loves people. One of his favourite things to do is cuddle up on a chair or climb in bed with his humans and get very close. He often can be found on his own curled up on a chair, chewing a bone or Kong. He is one of the most affectionate dogs you may ever meet. He is not a dog that will just blend into the background.

He is house trained and up to date on his shots. He is neutered. He weighs about 40 pounds. He has a microchip. He is pretty good on the leash and will become an excellent long distance walker with a bit of training. He is mastering sit, stay and down.

He has a very balanced energy level. He likes to play and go on walks, but he also is very happy to have relaxed down time. He just wants to be part of things and be close to his people. He can spend a long time chewing on a bone or licking a Kong filled with peanut butter and kibble. He will need a home where bone chewing is allowed. He has just discovered toys and stuffed animals, and loves them. In the evening, he just wants up on the chair with someone for a multi-hour snuggle and doze beside his person.

Like all young dogs, he has some training needs. He needs to learn how to greet new dogs he meets while out of walks or who pass by the house. He just gets over excited. He will also need to learn that jumping up on humans he meets is not the way to endear himself. These issues are very common with dogs and training should address them. Wilbur is very food motivated, so this will help with training.
Given his age, breed and temperament, he will be in a home with a fully fenced reasonably sized front or back yard. He needs a bit of space to explore and stretch his legs without always being on a leash. An apartment will not work with this dog.

He will need good walks and opportunities to get exercise.

While not a frequent barker, when he does bark, it is quite loud. For that reason, we not think a town home would not be suitable for him.

We recommend he not be in a home with children under the age of 12. He would likely be a bit too much for really small children. He is likely to knock them over quite a bit as he moves in for affection. He is also a bit mouthy in his play and this could be too rough for a small child.

He has not been tested with cats.

He has been living with 4 dogs, but would likely be very happy being the only dog in the home. That way, he gets all the attention.

Wilbur was lovingly fostered by Bob