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Whistler has been adopted!

Sponsored by Scarlett, using her birthday money. Happy (belated) 5th Birthday Scarlett!



Let me introduce you to Whistler.

Whistler is a 9 week old female pup hailing from somewhere in Northern Manitoba. She is a German Shepherd mix possibly retriever or husky. Whistler is smart (she can already sit and give paw on command), loves to play (she beats up on her foster brother, Yoshi the cat) and has the most gorgeous intelligent eyes.

Whistler is going to be a big girl, possibly between 70 and 100 lbs. She is not 100% house trained yet but she has me trained to take her out often! Whistler is already sleeping through the night in her crate usually for about 8-9 hour stretches. She is so happy to see me in the morning and seems to like her crate because she doesn’t mind going back in if I have to leave during the day.

Since Whistler just got her first vaccine and because of social distancing, she has not had a chance to play with other dogs but judging from her reaction to the cat, she will be fine. Whistler is starting to walk up stairs although the big ones are still scary and she did a double take when she saw herself in the mirror yesterday. Puppies are such fun. All the toys are new to her and things of wonder!

Since Whistler is going to be such a big girl, it is probably safer that she enters a household without toddlers. With COVID-19 playing such a big part in our lives, it may also be good if the household has a fenced yard since walks in the park system is frowned upon. She is too small to walk far yet but that will change. Another animal to play with would keep her busy but again, this is not a firm criteria.

The Most important and firm criteria– a loving safe forever home for Whistler!

Puppies are a lot of work! There are the many walks each day, training, stimulation and playtime. Please keep this in mind when you apply to adopt Whistler.

Whistler was lovingly fostered by Debra