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Walter has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Walter



World, meet Walter! This beagle was found as a stray in Tennessee and arrived into Canada January 7th. Walter is a friendly affectionate dog who instantly loves everyone he meets. He is being fostered in a busy home with two dogs, two cats, and four humans. Wally-boy loves all the attention that everyone is giving him, and gets along just perfectly with his foster canine and feline siblings. Walter has a healthy appetite and is not picky with what is on the menu. He loves treats and enjoys hiding them in very odd places to consume later. Toys are his favourite thing to play with, however, shoes, blankets, pillows and stuffies all look like toys to him. We are all working hard to show him where the toys are located but this is certainly a work in progress. Walter loves to be lazy on the coach next to the warm fireplace, cuddle up in our bed to sleep at night, and can be found near his humans at all times. The very few times that Walter has been crated, he has been a very good boy, just curling up and going to sleep. Walter does softly jump up to get closer to our faces when we arrive home, or when we are just saying hello. We give him a kiss and a big hug and he gently gets down, and with a wagging tail runs off to find a toy. Walter is working on his bathroom habits but adopters should realize this is something that has not been successful all the time. Constant trips outside, and a couple walks a day have proven to be the bathroom location solver but there are still accidents in our home. Walter also needs some work on the etiquette of walking on a leash. He walks nose to the ground and pulls toward each new smell. He is very good when meeting other dogs and does not bark at them.

I cannot express how much we have enjoyed fostering this almost perfect dog! He has been an instant hit with everyone who has come to visit, Walter wastes no time jumping in laps and receiving all the attention people give him. Walter has barked twice since he have arrived and has not howled even once.

His name is Walter and he is WONDEFUL!



This girl is full of happy energy and would do well with an active family.


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