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Vincent has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Carlos



Vincent was found as a stray and was in distress. He had suffered some mistreatment and visible trauma, but Vinnie is so much more then his initial story. He’s one of the sweetest, silliest puppies with so much love.

Vinnie has done a great job of learning his house training. He very rarely has accidents, in those times it typically happens after some energetic playtime in the house. Too focused on playing and he forgets. He is crated at night and he knows the routine well. Keeps his area clean. He loves meal time and treats. Love to play with the other dogs in the home and will need an energetic dog as a playmate. The senior dogs in the foster home are a bit of a bore for him. He does get along with the foster home cat, however.. Vinnie loves to get really close to him. So cats in the home would need to enjoy being played with, laid on and nibbled at… all in good fun, but he would not do well with a cat that didn’t enjoy dog attention.

Vinnie will bark at other dogs and critters outside his fenced yard, but does listen when he’s asked to redirect. Vincent does well on nature hikes and follows your lead. He loves other people and getting attention from them on walks. He’s such a silly guy that everyone you pass will stop and say hello. Who can resist those beagle ears and little puppy like body bouncing around with joy?

He plays hard with his slightly older foster sister, and never seems to run out of energy while playing outside. He’s a couch potato at night though, when he gets enough exercise during the day, he hits the couch cushions around 7 pm and spends the rest of the evening napping until bed time. Warning, he WILL hog the couch.. stretches right out in full comfort.

We are currently treating him for a bacteria upset in his digestive system. Vinnie has had loose stool since he came into care and we have just gotten this under control. He will be finishing his medication and then we want to observe for a week to ensure the problem is resolved. So he remains in rehab, but we are open to applications and emails from anyone interested in Vinnie during this time. He’s a young and happy guy, so we don’t want to hold him back any longer then necessary. Once he’s done his observation period, post medication, he will be ready to head to his new home.

Vincent was lovingly fostered by Colleen