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Scared and overwhelmed with all of the activity and noise of the crowded Kentucky shelter, Vader recently made his way to Save Me Rescue in hopes of finding a forever home. His foster parents were expecting a timid dog who may have needed some time to blossom in foster care, but when he arrived they found quite the opposite!

Vader is a happy-go-lucky, friendly dog who captures the hearts of everyone he meets. What Vader may lack in size, he definitely makes up for in personality! Vader loves his people, loves the company of other dogs, loves going for long walks, and just loves to be loved. Vader loves these things so much in fact, that he whimpers and whines with excitement at the sight of his foster mom or a new dog, and while getting ready for a walk or meeting new people.

Vader walks well on the leash, and keeps up a great pace with the rest of the pack. He is polite and social with other dogs, and friendly with every person he meets. Not really one for toys, Vader prefers to cuddle up next to his foster parents or follow them from room to room, tail constantly wagging. Vader is completely house trained, and has not had a single accident. He sleeps 8 hours through the night, no problem.

Vader is currently being crated while his foster parent are at work, because they quickly learned that he will not let a baby gate stand in his way, and he is still very new to his foster home and furry foster-sibling. In time, he will likely be fine to have run of the house during the day, because he is very well behaved and non-destructive. He was great for his first at-home groom, a nail trim and bath, and barely made a fuss while his foster mom trimmed the hair around his feet, and cleaned his ears. Vader is not a fan of loud noises, but this does make verbal correction very easy and effective with him (not that he has to be corrected very often). Vader is also slightly more reserved in new places (like his first trip to the pet store) than he is at his foster home, but with a little encouragement, he does just fine.

Vader would be the perfect companion for a single person, a couple, or a family with gentle children. He would likely do very well with another dog in the home, but this is not absolutely necessary. As long as his people are committed to spending lots of quality time with him, taking him for long walks, and lots of cuddles and belly rubs, Vader will be happy. To hear more about Vader, please contact his foster mom Erin, at or fill out an application.


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