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Tyson has been adopted!


Dear Forever Family,

I know you’re out there searching. You’ve been carefully reading rescue dog stories and bios, searching faces, looking for “the one”.  Look deep into my eyes..

I’m the one!

Let me tell you all about me and you’ll see that we were meant to be together.

Firstly, I’m energy efficient! I’m meant to keep your lap warm on cold winter evenings.. you may lose feeling in your toes, because I’m kinda heavy, but you will never be cold again. Look at the heating costs you’ll save!

Secondly, I will save you money on an alarm system. I can be left alone to wander the house during the work day, so I will patrol and make my rounds. When you’re home, I will quickly let you know when someone has approached the house but like an in-home alarm, I stop on command. Let’s not forget that I look fierce, I’m 65 lbs of beautiful handsome boxer. I work out and keep myself lean and impressive!

Thirdly, you will never need a gym membership or doggy day care for existing pets. I will keep you in tip top shape with daily walks and hikes. I will also exercise your existing pets and tire them out. We’ll all sleep better at night with a good exercise program in place.

Fourth amazing quality about me is my love for children. I will keep them busy, I will love them and I look like a pretty impressive body guard. (I will also try to keep them warm and sit on them too. Heck, I’m almost like a walking heating blanket, except I’m lumpy!)

Lastly, my amazing entertainment value. I’m goofy and playful. I will do silly things and make you laugh. I will mystify you with my ability to tear apart toys in the blink of an eye! I can go from crazy to cuddly in ways that will make your heart sing.

I’m not a picky housemate, I simply ask for a cat free home, and some hypoallergenic food at feeding time. I do have one quirk, I can be reactive on a leash with some people I meet, but not everyone. To be quiet honest, I don’t like being restricted (collar/harnessed) or pulled back when approached, I’m big but I feel defenseless. I’m much happier freely greeting people coming and going to the house and yard.

So you see, I’m a pretty amazing guy. I can promise you that you’ll fall in love with me and wonder where I’ve been all your life. You’ll forget what life was like before me.

I look forward to meeting you future family!

Much love,