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Tuni has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet, in honour of Save Me. I am so thankful for having Kelly, who we adopted in 2014



Found as a stray in rural Kentucky, Tuni has shown an incredible resiliency in adapting to her new foster home in Niagara-on-the-Lake. She is a bright, happy, inquisitive young girl who craves affection. She loves to play, sit on your lap, go for walks and nap. She will snuggle up to you at every opportunity. We don’t know anything of her past, but she has definitely lived in a home before. She gets along well with her foster family’s two dogs.

Like most small rescue dogs, she prefers to be approached respectfully. Once you have earned her trust, she will be your devoted companion, gazing into your eyes when you speak to her, following as you go about your daily activities, waiting patiently for you to engage her in play or just stroke her silky ears.

Tuni is doing very well with her house training and walks beautifully on leash. She eats well and takes treats delicately from your hand. She is not food aggressive or destructive and does not need to be crated although she will go into her crate when necessary. She is a quiet dog and shows no signs of separation anxiety. As she doesn’t seem to have had any obedience training, this will be something her new family will want to undertake as part of the bonding process.

Tuni was extremely dirty and matted when she was found. Grooming seems to be a new experience for her, so it is being introduced very slowly, with lots of praise and treats.

She would be fine as an only dog in a home where she will be the centre of attention or with another small dog of a similar moderate activity level. As she is young and playful, she may not do well in a home with a cat. She would most likely be fine with older children who are respectful of a small dog. Tuni would definitely prefer a home where she would not be left for more than a few hours at a time. As she loves to explore her surroundings, a securely fenced yard would be required. She would also do well in a condo or apartment if she were taken outside frequently throughout the day.


Tuni was lovingly fostered by Joanne