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Tulip has been adopted. 

If we had to use one word to describe Tulip, it would be ADORABLE .  This petite 12 pound shih tzu is as sweet as they get.  We can’t imagine her life prior to being rescued by Save Me Rescue.  She was pulled from a shelter in Kentucky when the original shelter she was in was closed due to the Director of the shelter being charged with dog cruelty.  It saddens us to think how long Tulip may have been in that original shelter and what her quality of life there was like.

When Tulip arrived into foster care her foster mom quickly realized that many aspects of what a ‘typical day’ would be like for a well-cared for and loved companion dog were new to Tulip. 

  • Grass – when Tulip first arrived in foster care she was afraid of grass.  She would not walk on it and she would freeze if you picked her up and placed her on it.  Now, she has no issues in romping in the grass and doing her potty business there
  • Outside – Tulip is fascinated by the outdoors.  She loves the breeze flapping in her ears and is eager now to go outside and smell and explore.   She stops when she hears a new sound and is curious. 
  • Leash walk – This was totally new to Tulip.  When she first arrived in foster care, her fear of the grass and any surface that was not cement made the first few attempts at a walk unsuccessful.  Today, she loves these outings and her tail wags  as we walk through the neighborhood.
  • Stairs – Tulip had no idea how to maneuver these.  She now  goes down the stairs that lead to the backyard with no issues.
  • Dog Bed – The first night in foster care, Tulip had no idea what her dog bed was for.  When you picked her up and placed her on it, she would freeze and tumble off one side of it.  It took her some time to determine where to lay, how to get comfortable and to realize this was much better than the floor. 

We are not sure of Tulip’s past; however, there are signs that she has had puppies in the past and she may have been used for breeding purposes.  She is fine with other dogs (but seems to care less if she is with one) and is indifferent to the feline in her current foster home.

Tulip is a happy girl and content to follow her foster family around the house.  She LOVES human touch and she will sit or stand forever beside you while you pet her, bath her face or brush her lovely chocolate and white fur.  Currently she is a low energy dog and has shown no interest in any type of toy.  When crated during the day when her foster family is at work she is not vocal and her house training is coming along very well.

Tulip has been spayed, fully vaccinated, is negative for heartworm and is looking for someone to exposure her to the joys of life.  A new beginning has just started for this little girl.   It is time for her to have the ability to smell the Tulips, enjoy the beauty of being loved and cared for, and to simply be happy. 

For more information on Tulip, please contact her foster mom Robin, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!