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Tucker has been adopted!


Hi, I’m Tucker and I’m originally from Mexico. This summer I was returned to Save Me by my adoptive family after four years. There were some big changes in the family and my behaviour seemed to be changing too. Over time things deteriorated until my family felt I was unmanageable. They did the right thing and called the rescue, who jumped into action to help me. The first stop on my new journey was spending a few weeks at a ” board and train” facility. I had a wonderful trainer – she assessed me and came up with a training plan for my new foster family. She also realized that I loved the fresh country air and playing outside. We agreed that returning to city life just wasn’t for me.

I was a little confused when my foster family picked me up from the facility and I needed some time to settle in. I was also really exhausted from playing outside in the fields for a few weeks. At first I was very shy and quiet and on my best behaviour, but after a few weeks I got more comfortable and I started acting out. I had gotten used to being on high alert in my previous life and I was sliding back into some of my old habits.

Did I mention that I love FOOD! Well, it turns out that not all foods love me back.. I had some trouble with my tummy and I think that probably was affecting my mood and my behavior too. After a vet visit and a full battery of tests, I’m on a special diet and it seems to be helping. I’ve gained almost 10 pounds and my fur is also getting really thick. Now my foster family has to vacuum my hair everyday because I’m shedding, which didn’t happen at first.

It’s been a few months, but after my training classes and lots of love from my foster family, I’m learning that my only job is to be a dog. Since my humans are the pack leaders, I’m also learning to relax. I love long walks, playing fetch, belly scratches and swimming. Plus I’ve made a few doggie friends I get along with.

The Save Me board is also pretty great. They made sure I was going to be set up for success with my new forever family. They really supported my foster family and they were patient while we worked through all of my special challenges. Thanks to everyone who got me ready to be adopted!

Last week I could tell my humans were sad because it was time to post my adoption bio. I was a little sad too because I really love my foster family – especially my foster dad!! So I asked them to be my forever family….and they said yes!!