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Tuck has been adopted!

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Tuck is a very sweet puppy who has the energy of a puppy plus more! He is an Aussie and Border Collie mix and true to both breeds he has lots of energy which needs to be burned to ensure he stays out of trouble (Tuck loves to see what is on the counters)! A long walk in the morning and run leash free and he still wants to play when he gets home! He needs a family that will be committed to exercise him and keep him active. A fenced in backyard is a must as he loves to run and see where all the squirrels have gone. He loves to be outside.

Also true to his breed, he is very smart and learns quickly. He has pretty good recall (as long as something else doesn’t catch his interest). He has learned quickly that items on the coffee table are off limits. Tuck would benefit from further obiedience training and would excel at it as he loves to get praise and learn new things. He would be a great hiking or agility partner.

Tuck needs to know where his family is at all times. Once he is ready to rest, he loves to soak up his family’s love and attention. To say he loves to cuddle is an understatement. He is an expert cuddler and wants all the, rubs, love and praise he can get.

Tuck has super soft fur and  will need to be brushed regularly to ensure his fur coat stays healthy and unmatted.

He was cat tested at the shelter and seemed scared but now that he is out of that environment and feeling more confident, he may chase them or try to herd them!

Tuck had two foster dog siblings and he seems to read their cues to leave them alone. He would do well as an only dog or with another non dominant dog in the home. Tuck loves to be one getting all the attention.

Tuck is learning to walk well on a leash but if he wants everyone to stop, he just sits right in front of you! He has done this a few times since joining his foster family.

Tuck is not a big fan of loud noises and will cower. He was also unsure of the toddler that came to visit. He kept his distance but did show interest.  Hopefully with some patience, love and building of his confidence he will learn not to be so unsure.

So far Tuck has been pretty quiet in the house but this may change as he becomes more comfortable.

Tuck’s ideal home would be with an experienced dog owner who is active and committed to exercise him daily. He would do best in a home where someone is home part of the day as he loves to be near his family and so they can give him the exercise he needs.

Tuck is a beautiful dog that looks as sweet as he is. He has had a bit of a rough beginning but with his smarts, eagerness to please and cuddly nature, he will be a great addition to the right family.


Tuck was lovingly fostered by Susan