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Trudi has been adopted!


Sponsored by Marg, in honour of her dad, Frank Ingram who loved all animals. He lost his best friend Lady just before he passed.


I have been with my foster mom and foster siblings for 5 days now. My mom is super impressed on how well I am adjusting to family life. I love running in the back yard with my foster fur sibling and foster brother. I am learning to come when my foster mom calls me and even know how to sit calmly to get a treat. My mom praises me every day for playing gentle with my foster brother. This is important as he is only 7 years old. I really enjoy having siblings to play with and hope my forever family has a dog and kids for me to play with.

As you know, I spent many months in a kennel and I am not fond of my crate but I am learning that it is a safe place and that my foster mom always comes home to let me out. I have had no accidents in the house and now know to go the back door to let my foster mom know I have to go outside. I learning quickly that walking on a leash isn’t that complicated and my foster mom tells me I will have this concept mastered in no time at all.

When I am not running around in the back yard, I love snuggling with my foster brother and watching a movie. I really do love to sleep, and once it’s bedtime, I will snuggle up with my foster mom and you won’t hear a peep from me until the morning

I am still learning the basics family rules and have been caught eating my foster brothers popcorn and occasionally counter surfing looking for treats. My mom keeps reminding me that this behavior is not okay and I think I am starting to get it!

Trudy was lovingly fostered by Tania