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Tonka has been adopted!

Happy Father’s Day Howard – the best Dad a bunch of dogs could dream of!



Tonka is an 8 year old man! When he first came into foster care he was not a happy dog. Over the last few weeks his little tail has not stopped wagging. Tonka now greets his foster parents at the door, expecting lots of cuddles and love. He has turned into a lapdog as well.

He lives with other dogs his own size and does well. Tonka would do best In a home with no young children because he is a fragile guy and would not do well if dropped.

When Tonka came into foster care, he was not a healthy boy, but with lots of trips to the vet, he is in good shape now. When Tonka first arrived he had no hair on his back and back end, but most of the hair has grown back.

Tonka likes to be outside, likes walks and car rides. Tonka would do well in a house or an apartment. Tonka does his job and only barks if a stranger comes to the door. He takes his job as “your doorman” very seriously!

Tonka does not like to be disciplined. If you tell him no for any reason, he will give a little bit of attitude!
His foster parents are working on that! Tonka did not come house trained, but with lots of time and consistency, he is doing much better and would thrive with a regular bathroom routine.

Do you think you could provide a good retirement home for this guy??


Tonka was lovingly fostered by Carey