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Tommy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Karie A., in honor of her sweet Willy Roy! Who is a rescue that overcame all odds and really is the best dog!



A little love and patience goes a long way…

Tommy came into rescue from a breeding situation. No longer needed, he was released into a whole new world. He has a lot of learning to do and is coming along really well. Tommy was initially very nervous of all the new people in his life, but he’s come to learn that we’re patient and kind. While still new to it, still a little shy, he’s learning to truly enjoy being pampered by his foster mom and let’s her pick him up and give him cuddles now. Good news for Tommy, his foster mom is a pro at doggy cuddles.

He truly loves to be with other dogs, so we would like a home where Tommy can feel secure and part of the pack. This will also help him to follow by example. Tommy loves to go for walks and has become a pro at leash walking! He’s friendly but a little nervous of all the new things yet to be discovered in life, so an adopter would need to understand his history and be willing to move slowly with him.

Tommy is still learning all about house training and is doing well. He’s slowly making the connection with his new favorite activity, walking & exploring, and doing his business en route. His foster mom has started taking him to work with her so that she can spend more time working on this. He’s a great companion in the car on the way to work and sits quietly on his bed beside her desk.

His teeth were never cared for, he has only 3 remaining after his dental, so he will need soft (or softened) food. He has never climbed stairs before, so he will need a chance to build up his climbing muscles. That being said, he loves the new found freedom of going wherever he wants to, so he loves to walk and wander around the house and explore. He’s quiet, doesn’t bark often, so he would be a good fit for a condo or apartment.

Tommy will make a wonderful companion for someone who wants a low maintenance dog. He’s simply happy to be just one of the dogs, happy to spend his days curled up with his fur siblings. He wants to take life at a slow pace and enjoy all the new things life has offered him.