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Tommy is adopted

Sponsored by Linda D. Merry Christmas Tommy, with love from Linda and her fur babies Keanu & Odin!!


Tommy has arrived.
This 6yr old male collie mix has made a great first impression. He is kind and gentle, well behaved, knows his basic commands plus some tricks, seems house trained. What more could you ask for??
He has met  the other dogs, big and small, and gets along well with them. He was not crazy about the energy the puppy had but he kindly told him when he had enough. He met the cat and did well.
He has not been with us very long so we are aware that his behaviour may change and/or we will learn more about him as time goes on. Right now he is not being crated at night., He is sleeping with one of the kids in their bedroom. He is eating and drinking well. Loves to play in the snow in the backyard. We have not had an official walk on a leash yet because of the weather.

Tommy was lovingly fostered by Angie