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Todd has been adopted!

Sponsored by Debby, in loving memory of Lucy


This little cuddle buddy is Todd. Todd is a seven-year-old chi-terrier mix. He is ten pounds of soft and cuddly! He loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch with his person. We certainly are not complaining! Todd is a very active boy who loves to run and jump. He will definitely need a fenced in yard to run around in because he just can’t go as fast as he’d like on his leash. He does do really well on his leash, enjoys going for a walk and definitely has had some training in the past. On walks he will stay by your side, sit when you stop and wait until you give the okay to walk again. He is a clever dog, learns quickly and is eager to please people. He is such a happy go lucky little guy with a wonderful personality.

Todd would do best in a quiet home where someone is home often. He is a nervous dog and needs reassurance that everything is okay and he is safe, particularly when there is noisy activity. He does not like to be in the crate and will cry and bark the entire time. Right now he is only crated when someone is not home and that is only because there are other animals in the house. He would have no issues having free run of the house in his new home. He is usually a quiet guy the only sound he makes is a little squeak when he needs to go to the bathroom or he is hungry. He will bark at outside noises and if he sees people through the windows. He would not do well in an apartment or condo due to exterior noises/people and no yard.

Currently he is in a home with older children, other small dogs and cats and is having no issues; in fact he ignores the animals, much to their disapproval. So far he is not shy around new people and is very eager for attention. He loves the car and going for outings.

Todd is a medium energy dog. He goes out for a couple small walks each day, but would really benefit from a yard to run and jump. The rest of the time he is content to snuggle on the couch or his bed. A week after Todd arrived he had a short-lived episode in which he seemed stiff and spaced out. He was back to himself in less than a minute and has been his perfect little self ever since. We did take him to our veterinarian for a neurological exam, which he passed with flying colours, and blood work, which was also excellent. There is a very good chance that this was a one off type of episode but it is also possible that something along these lines could happen again and we do want his future family to be aware of this. We are happy to pass along his blood work and neurological exams to his new veterinarian.

Todd really is a gentle, loving little guy who is just so happy to have someone sit and cuddle with him. He has so much love to give! He is just the sweetest lap dog looking for someone who will oblige.


Todd was lovingly fostered by Lisa