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Toby has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Mayo. Love always Wes, Maggie, Bruce & Logan



Introducing the lovely Toby! Toby is an 8 year old, blind, apricot poodle. Toby’s blindness has been a challenge for him and has caused him considerable pain; however, since arriving with Save Me, our vet has been helping him with his eyes. The eye drops, steroids and pain medication has made a considerable difference in his condition. His eyes have improved immensely, and are less bothersome for him. Toby is currently in rehab, while we continue to treat his eyes.

Toby is a loving and gentle boy who is settling in really well in his new foster home. We don’t know a lot about Toby’s past. Nevertheless, it is obvious, by Toby’s personality, that he has been loved by humans in the past. Toby LOVES to cuddle and be held closely by his foster mom. Morning cuddles are a must for him. He will follow his foster mom around the house in the morning just waiting for her to sit down so he can cuddle. However, Toby isn’t a velcro dog. He LOVES his dog bed and is quite content to sleep and rest in his own bed. Toby knows when it is bed time. He sleeps soundly all night in his dog bed beside his mom’s bed. Toby isn’t a loud dog. We’ve heard him bark twice when someone comes to the door.

Toby has lived with many other dogs in his foster home. He LOVES other dogs. He is very gentle, patient, and friendly with dogs. He hasn’t been around cats, but we can assume he would love them too. Toby does not like crates. When we leave the house, we gate him off in one room to keep him safe. So far, Toby has done really well in the car. We bring his dog bed with him, so it feels familiar to him. When both inside and out in the yard, Toby’s steps are slow and careful. He loves to wander around the yard. Since he’s blind, his other senses are heightened. Speaking of senses, Toby loves the many smells in the kitchen. This is his favourite room in the house. He is his foster mom’s shadow in this room. He is highly food motivated. He will dance, and his cute little, nubby tail will shake when he knows his time to eat. Toby hasn’t shown any signs of food aggression. He lets his foster mom place any dropped kibble back into his dish while he is still eating. We haven’t had any issues giving him his medication, since he will always take a treat or two.

This sweet boy has been struggling with mild separation anxiety. He just started showing signs of distress when his humans leave the house. Toby is housetrained when his humans are home, but has been having accidents when he’s left alone. We will put him outside to pee before we leave, but he still has an accident from time to time. When we return home, he seems a bit stressed and wants to be held close. Separation anxiety in a dog like Toby isn’t surprising. The abandonment he experienced by his former family by being left in a shelter while blind and in pain would be terrible for any dog. Toby is overcoming this terrible experience every day and is incredibly brave. Toby is looking for a new family that will have time, patience and lots of love to give him.

Toby was lovingly fostered by Natalie/Mike