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Tippy has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Bailey loved by Cathy and Caroline


Please note we received an overwhelming response to Tippy and are no longer accepting applications to allow our volunteers time to review applications and respond to inquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

Meet Tippy! Tippy is a gorgeous, sweet-as-can-be neutered black lab, only 1 year old. He is looking to spend the rest of a long and healthy life in a furever home that will show him the love and kindness he deserves. Tippy is timid around new people, but comes around very quickly with gentle and positive interaction (children included), and has shown zero signs of aggression. He is a lovebug that wants to be near you at all times; sharing the bed is not optional! The desire to cuddle will be mutual immediately after one look into those gorgeous brown puppy eyes, which he utilizes as much as possible.

For such a young boy, Tippy is eager to please, which makes correcting minor behaviours a rewarding learning process. He is a quiet, well-behaved boy for the most part, but like any lab he does like to chew anything he can get his mouth on, so his future family will have to keep this in mind! He absolutely loves his Kong, and his chewing behaviour can be successfully diverted with safe and appropriate chew toys. He has many great qualities too, of course: he is fully housetrained, makes an excellent passenger (not a peep in the car!), and gets along well with other dogs. He is not currently in a home with cats, but at previous meetings has shown no interest.

Other than the chewing, Tippy has been a pretty respectful housemate. When the humans are home, Tippy is quiet, ‘ruffing’ only occasionally, such as when he is groggy from a nap and hears a strange noise. He will initially whine, bark, or scratch if left in a room or crate, but appears to settle in. It is difficult to say with certainty how he reacts when left alone for longer periods of time, as the COVID-19 changes have resulted in his foster parents remaining at home for the majority of the day. His minimal shedding is ideal for those who hate vacuuming, and his moderate energy level is very manageable provided that he receives appropriate daily exercise. He often gets the ‘zoomies’ in his foster home’s fenced backyard, but has not made any escape attempts thus far.

Tippy’s history is largely unknown, but he has adapted quite nicely to leashed walks. He is a bit skittish of loud sounds and sudden movements, but is adorably curious about his surroundings, and is gaining confidence every day. He is interested in greeting other dogs on walks and in dog-popular areas, and draws adoring comments from all the humans he meets! Tippy knows ‘sit’, but may need to be reminded if there is a treat in your hand. He also knows ‘come’, though he will be reluctant if there is something he perceives as scary nearby, such as a stranger or an inadvertently raised hand. ‘Stay’ is a work in progress! Fortunately, Tippy listens quite well to a firm ‘no,’ if necessary.

You may notice Tippy looks a wee bit on the skinny side – this is true, and his current foster mom is working on helping him reach an ideal body weight. Other than that, he is a very healthy boy! This cuddly lab deserves a patient and dedicated home, where his family will be repaid many times over with the love only a lab could provide.

Tippy was lovingly fostered by Carleigh