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Tink has been adopted!

Tink is sponsored in loving memory of Jaime and Bonnie who have now been at the Rainbow Bridge for 10 years and are very missed.



Tink or Tinkle toes as her foster family call her (she has little white sprinkles on her toes) is looking for a forever home. She is sweet ,kind and loves to cuddle and play. She gets along very well with her foster sisters but she is just discovering toys. Tink has excellent leash manners, is fully house trained and can be left alone without being crated. We do leave a crate open and she will go in on her own for a rest.

Tink was very afraid when she arrive most likely from transport and would just freeze. Her confidence has grown and she jumps up on our lap, runs independently in the yard and lets you know when she wants to go out. She is still timid but not the biting type of timid, she goes a little stiff when you pick her up but her tail wags and she loves the affection. Tink recently went in for her wellness check and she has a minor heart murmur that does not require any medical treatment and it has no effect on her health, her energy or her ability to do things. If fact she is very athletic and would do best with a yard to run in.

Tink would do well in a home with or without another dog , but certainly loves the company of her foster sisters.



Tink was lovingly fostered by Louise