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Timmy has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Willy



Timmy is a male Terrier mix coming to us from a shelter in Tennessee where he was brought as a stray, after spending a few days in a ditch. This Little guy has a vibrant, loving and happy personality. He is approx. 5 yrs. old, weighs approx. 13 lb. and is the color of golden honey right down to his eyes! Timmy has been neutered, micro-chipped and his vaccinations are current. He definitely needs to gain some weight and seems to enjoy this task very much!

This sweet boy is always happy and ready to play, especially fetch. He always brings the toy back but then turns it into a game of tug. He is very good at emptying the toy box and amusing himself. He does have a tendency to take all the toys but he is not mean about it and does share.

He is extremely social and gets along very well with other dogs who he is always trying to engage in play. He is not sure of cats and he has a tendency to chase them when they come into the living room where he is but listens when told no. He is not mean with them and ignores them and will not go downstairs, despite knowing they are down there.

Timmy loves affection from his human and is a big cuddle bug. He has no hesitation in pawing his human for cuddles. He likes to play with your hands and uses his teeth gently but he will stop when told no. Timmy is moderate energy. He plays hard and sleeps hard.

He is house trained but needs to be kept on schedule. He does ask to go out but very quietly by pawing at your knees. His owner will need to track the times between potty excursions and bring him out if needed.

He is not a barker. He has only barked at other dogs outside the fence when he is out. This has happened twice. There has been no barking in the house. He is hesitant to go out in the dark but is getting better at this.

He is definitely food motivated. This little guy is very smart and learns quickly. He would definitely benefit from training to learn the basics. For the most part he respects signals from the other dogs when he tries to engage them in play. He will simply retreat or just sit there looking at them trying to figure out what is wrong. He is a curious fellow but much prefers to be with his human. He eats well and loves treats. Walks well on lead.

Timmy would do well in a forever home with
• a calm environment
• his humans have the patience and time to be with him and invest in his training
• children should be dog savvy
• fully fenced yard
• firm but gentle guidance and positive reinforcement
• it is unknown how he reacts with small children
• dog sibling(s) who has a laid back personality but loves to play

Timmy is an amazing loving little boy who will bring such joy and sparkle to his forever family. He has so much love to give and will thrive in an environment where he can have as much human love as he can get and play and play.

Timmy was lovingly fostered by Jackie